Hanoi’s export value up 24% in January

The export value from the state-owned sector was US$139 million, up 9.8%; it was US$352 million from the private sector, up 16.6%; and US$556 million from foreign direct investment, up 33.6%. In January, all key export items achieved strong growth in export value, including agricultural products (up 3.6% against the same period last year); computer, components and peripherals (up 68.1%); transport means and components (up 12.7%); machinery and components (up 21.8%); and glass and glass products (up 25%). Hanoi’s export value has increased sharply in recent years because businesses in the city have taken advantage of the recovery of major economies of the world, such as the United States, Japan, the European Union and China, reported kinhtedothi.com.vn. Meanwhile, municipal authorities have also come up with solutions to support enterprises in promoting exports, including programmes connecting banks with enterprises, land and tax policies and policies encouraging enterprises to apply advanced technology for production, processing and consumption. Nguyen Gia Phuong, director of Hanoi Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre, said to support enterprises in expanding export markets and promoting brand products, the centre had continuously organised delegations of enterprises to join large international fairs and paid special attention to markets that signed free trade agreements with Vietnam. The capital city has welcomed foreign enterprise delegations to Hanoi to facilitate trade cooperation with local businesses to support trade villages, agricultural production enterprises and textiles and garment companies in seeking customers. However, it will not be easy for Hanoi to reach the growth target of 7.5-8% in export turnover… [Read full story]


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