​Hoi An leader vows to remove noisy bars from ancient town

Hoi An authorities will take firmer actions towards removing noisy pubs from its ancient town in an effort to restore tranquility to the popular tourist attraction in central Vietnam, a local official said Friday. Excessive noise from bars, pubs and diners located inside Hoi An Ancient Town is among the biggest threats to local tourism, alongside tourist scams and dual pricing, Hoi An deputy chairman Nguyen Van Son said at a meeting with those establishments recently found violating  noise regulations. The ancient townreceives 3.3 million visitors a year on average, a remarkable number that is being threatened by misconducts of business establishments that fail to protect the town’s brand of tourism, Son told 25 bars and diners owners at the meeting. Le Van Binh, head of Hoi An’s Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, said the local administration had been “considerate” in allowing diners in the ancient town to open and run bars within their establishments without permits. City authorities have only issued permits for bars at three diners, while there are already 14 bars in operation on a 400-meter section of Hoi An’s Nguyen Phuc Chu Street. These establishments cannot properly soundproof their bar, as doing so would require alterations to the buildings’ structures, which is not allowed the due to strict construction laws pursuant with UNESCO guidelines in preserving a heritage, Binh explained. “The city’s administration only turns a blind eye to the existence of your bars due to our need for extra entertainment services for tourists to extend… [Read full story]


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