International support important to Vietnam’s development

In the last more than three decades of renewal and international integration, Vietnam has gained numerous socio-economic achievements and become a lower middle income country. This success is attributed to the assistance of foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who continued to provide funding to Vietnam even though it is no longer on the priority list for international aid at the time it became a lower middle income country.   Effective assistance in the new period According to Don Tuan Phong, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, foreign funding helped Vietnam address challenges in international integration: healthcare, education, agriculture, rural development, the environment, and climate change response. Phong told VOV: “Vietnam welcomed more new foreign NGOs in 2017 than in previous years, outnumbering the NGOs that ended operations. Their total disbursement was quite large. 2017 was the final year of Vietnam’s 5-year Program on mobilizing foreign aids from NGOs and we achieved all the set targets”. In the last 5 years, foreign NGOs provided Vietnam more than 1.5 billion USD to help the country overcome war aftermath, improve community health, control diseases, protect the environment, increase education and healthcare, and respond to climate change. Foreign NGOs assist Vietnam’s development With the motto “Vietnam is a friend and reliable partner of the international community”, Vietnam is expanding its network of thousands of partners and foreign NGOs across the globe, 600 of them maintaining regular operations in Vietnam. These organizations have helped promote Vietnam’s land, people, and culture, and its policies on… [Read full story]


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