Mekong Delta kicks off efforts to save water sources

Clean fresh water sources in the Mekong River Delta have shown signs of becoming exhausted, and the situation could become even more tragic as underground water is being polluted. River waste treatment system in Can Tho City An initiative applied at Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands has been shared with Can Tho City in Vietnam. Upp! UpCycling Plastic from the Netherlands, via its subsidiary – UpCycling Vietnam, plans to set up a facility to collect and treat plastic waste from rivers in the city. Scientists surveyed five locations before they decided to develop the project Cai Khe Canal in Ninh Kieu District. Sabine Voermans from Wageningen University said Can Tho should consider this a new solution to help collect waste floating on rivers, thus helping ease pollution. In mid-2018, the system will be installed on Cai Khe Canal. Later, it will also be set up at Bun Xang and Xang Thoi lakes, Rach Ngong and Can Tho rivers. The pilot project would cost 150,000 euros, to be funded by the Rockefeller fund. By mid-2019, when the project is completed, it is expected to become a model for non-plastic waste rivers in Vietnam. According to Nguyen Chi Kien from the city’s environment department, the city discharged some 930 tons of household solid waste a day in 2016, while it can collect and treat 650 tons. The project is believed to have important significance for Vietnam, one of the countries that discharge the largest amount of waste in the world, causing serious… [Read full story]


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