​More than pho: An expat’s top 5 favorite food of Saigon

After spending some months in Saigon and trying out different food stalls and restaurants there were lots of dishes that I liked and some I returned to, leading to a very personal list of favorite foods in Saigon. 1. Bun cha Bun cha is a dish that I never knew I loved, before I tried it. Its components are rather clear-cut and could also be found on the plate of a European dish, which might be the reason I like it so much. The ingredients of bun cha come on different plates and add up to an insanely tasty composition that is simultaneously savory and sweet, and just the right amount of filling for a hot Saigonese day. Ordering bun cha, you will be served a plate of fresh noodles, a plate of herbs and fresh salad, and a bowl of grilled pieces of pork, pork patties and some vegetables that are swimming in a sweet and sour sauce that – and this is important – is not a soup. Along with the dish comes another bowl, in which the ingredients can be mixed with each other. Putting the noodles and the garnish into the sauce and eat it right away seems to be an easier and also legitimate option to enjoy your bun cha. Originally being from Hanoi, decent bun cha can also be found in Saigon. If you don’t mind waiting for at least have an hour for a table you can have your bun cha at bun… [Read full story]


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