Moscow people excited with Vietnam’s Tet

 Moscow people excited with Vietnam’s Tet (Illustrative image. Source:  Incentra) Moscow (VNA) – The third Vietnamese streetfood festival themed “Tet Viet” is taking place at the Hanoi-Moscow tradecentre in Russiafrom February 16-18.The event drew muchattention from overseas Vietnamese people as well as Russian friends to tastetraditional dishes on the occasion of Lunar New Year.Russian people have anexcellent opportunity to explore Vietnamese gastronomy, especially popularcuisines such as ‘nem ran’ (fried roll), ‘pho’ (noodle soup with chicken or beef), ‘banh mi’ (Vietnamese sandwich), ‘banh duc’ (plain rice flan), ‘banhcuon’ (steamed rice rolls), and ‘bun thang’ (noodle soup with pork, chicken andegg).Other farm producesuch as tea and coffee along with souvenir and handicraft products are sold atthe event.The festival alsofeatures a rural market, food making performances by Vietnamese cooks, nationalmusic and dances, folk games, and calligraphy.-VNA


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