Natural cosmetics are vitalised

Regaining market share Because she suffers from alopecia, Pham Linh Dan, a 30-year-old copywriter living in Hanoi, has decided to only use shampoos made of natural ingredients for her hair. Her favourite shampoo is Italian Nashi, an organic mix made with Argan and linseed oil. Dan prefers not only shampoos, but many other daily products made with natural ingredients such as face lotions, sun screen, foundation, eye shadow, or perfume. Dan has also bought natural items like talcum powder, shampoo, and body lotion for her two-year-old daughter. “Natural ingredients ensure that there are no side effects such as skin allergies for users. Therefore, their prices are often 20-30% higher than those of conventional products that might carry harmful substances,” said Dan, adding that she has now gotten into the habit of finding out information about the components of products. According to Huynh Bich Tram, deputy director of market research firm Nielsen Vietnam, a recent survey by the company on the natural cosmetics market in six countries in the Asia Pacific region-including Vietnam-showed that 88% of Vietnamese consumers would buy new and improved products for personal use, including high-grade product lines using natural ingredients. This is the highest score in the region. Figures show that Vietnamese spend an average US$4 per capita per year on cosmetics. However, Vietnamese women alone spend an average VND140,000 (US$6.3) on cosmetics a month, mainly chosen through two advisory channels, namely from friends (70%) and from websites (58%). The total value of cosmetics imported into Vietnam… [Read full story]


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