Online training – a new thing in Viettel Post

Training activities at Viettel Post have improved since its E-learning network was set up. Instead of going to a training or refresher course, mailmen can self-arrange their learning time and can self-study with the aid of the E-learning network, which is frequently updated with new information and knowledge. The lessons in the network are designed to facilitate the workers’ self-learning by giving various practical situations and examples, which make it easier for them to remember and apply the acquired knowledge and expertise into their everyday work. Recently, Viettel Post opened an online five-day training course with a new application software (OPS), facilitating business and management activities at Viettel Post, for 14 post offices of its branch in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi. At a training session for Viettel Post’s employees It also trained 300 newly-recruited employees in such expertise and skills as sales, customer service and business in the postal industry. Earlier, Viettel Post had made five-minute video clips to provide instructions on daily working procedures and regulations of various types of the post business. This had helped Viettel Post’s officials and workers, particularly newly-employed ones, understand their jobs, better and work more efficiently. Alongside reading useful references and dealing with scenarios from the database, the company’s officials and workers can watch video clips and act on the movements of the models on the video. The Training Office of the company has also developed a specific training program for leaders of its branches and subordinate units. This includes eight sections,… [Read full story]


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