Pre-made food lessens Tet’s burden on women

VietNamNet Bridge – For most Vietnamese people, the Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival symbolises the beginning of a new year and the accompanying hopes for a happy life. No matter the family’s circumstances, people always prepare traditional dishes for ancestor worship with the hope that the ancestors will bless their descendants with good health, luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year. Traditional dishes like banh chung (square sticky rice cake), gio lua (lean pork paste), thit dong (frozen meat stew), canh mang (bamboo sprout soup) and nem (spring roll) are popular dishes around Tet. The burden for preparing all of this falls to women. And the incomplete progress towards gender equality means that they must balance this task with many other responsibilities, such as career and childcare. As such, many specialities are more available for purchase and an increasing number of women, still expected by their families to serve the traditional meals, are selecting ready-to-eat food service to help them save time and effort. Nguyen Thu Huyen, from Hanoi’s Thanh Xuan District, is among them. As a chief accountant for a private company, she had to work until the last day before Tet. Over the past two years, Huyen has usually hired people to prepare food and all that she has to do is display them on the family altar. “With this service, I have more time to rest, play and take care of my children. I think this is a very convenient service, helping to share some of… [Read full story]


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