Quy Nhơn to sell damaged foreign ships

Quy Nhơn Maritime Administration in the central province of Bình Định approved a plan on Tuesday to fish out two foreign ships that sank and broke in Quy Nhơn Bay. The Fei Yeu 9 ship stuck in the Ghềnh Ráng mountain in Quy Nhơn City The two ships were damaged during typhoon Damrey last November. The first ship, Fei Yeu 9, belonged to Mongolia and was carrying a load of more than 4,000 tonnes. It had 15 crew members and was pushed by strong waves and wind towards the Ghềnh Ráng mountain in Quy Nhơn City. The entire crew was saved by the Bình Định Border Guards. The ship, however, could not be salvaged. Local authorities transferred more than 30 tonnes of oil from the ship in time, preventing an oil spill. The second ship, Jupiter, was from Cambodia. It was a tourist ship that was out of work and did not carry any oil. It was being towed from Vân Phong Bay in the central province of Khánh Hòa to the northern port of Hải Phòng to be repaired when it was hit by strong waves of the typhoon. Local authorities recovered two bodies of the crew members, while the remaining five were missing. Officials from Quy Nhơn Maritime Administration said the two ships were damaged beyond repair. They therefore agreed to sell them as scrap, with the consent of the ship owners. The decision was taken late as it took a long time to complete the legal procedures,… [Read full story]


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