Restaurants at risk from ‘unreasonable’ new regulations in Vietnam: commerce chamber

Restaurants in Vietnam could be facing trouble if a draft tourism law that includes several clauses that have been described as “unreasonable” by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is passed. According to the circular drafted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, restaurants will have to be able to serve at least 50 guests at a time and accept payments by credit card in order to receive a recognized accreditation. The ministry said that accredited restaurants will lift the local service sector and meet the higher demands of visitors. Tourists can obviously choose any restaurant they want, but they would feel more secure in accredited restaurants, argued the ministry. But the VCCI, which represents the country’s business community, said the number of seats in a restaurant has nothing to do with service quality. If the circular is passed, only large restaurants will be able to meet the ministry’s demands, which is unfair, the commerce chamber stated. In some cases, restaurants with fewer seats can offer better services and food as they focus more on their customers, the VCCI said. The new requirements aim to make it easier for groups led by travel agencies, but are still unreasonable because not many companies cater for groups of 50 people. The size of a restaurant should not be used to decide the quality, and details such as English versions of menus, food safety and clean rest rooms should be focused more upon, said the chamber. Regarding credit card payments,… [Read full story]


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