Run to inspire people

The running movement spread throughout Vietnam in 2017, as Vietnamese runners set records that could not have been imagined in earlier times. Runners made their marks not only on local routes, but also on well-known tracks throughout the world. Phạm Duy Cường Last May, the Vietnam national flag was hoisted on Everest peak when Phạm Duy Cường finished the 42,195km race at the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon. Cường, 35, from Hanoi, finished the race with a time of 7hr 47.07min and ranked No 71 out of 202 competitors. This is an annual tournament which is considered as the world’s highest marathon. It is an international high altitude adventure sports event held from the Mt. Everest Base Camp, crisscrossing through the high sherpa trails in Khumbu Valley on May 29 every year. Cường has become more famous due to the marathon. He has since established the “Chạy Vì Mình – Run For Self” club, where runners can exchange their experiences in running and organising events. Five months after Everest, Cường opened a non-profit sport event company called Big Prizes, which focuses on organising running tournaments which, according to him, provide the best prize of all, good health for all its participants. Despite being a new company, Big Prizes holds event every week for fans of running in Hanoi. Cường was pleased with what he has done to promote running in the capital city, as well as in Vietnam, in general. Within a short time, some 30 running events have been created and… [Read full story]


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