​Saigonese trek to Da Lat to inspect vegetable farms before purchase

Many residents from Ho Chi Minh City have traveled to Da Lat City, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, to come to a long-term agreement on purchasing organic vegetables from local growers after examining their farm for food safety standards. Vietnam’s food market has been infested with concerns regarding contaminated products unfit for consumption, hence the distrust directed to producers.  This negative feeling causes users to gravitate toward locations known to provide ‘clean’ food, one of which is Da Lat City, in Lam Dong Province. “Vegetables sold in markets and supermarkets may be reliable, but I’m still worried because I can’t trace their origins,” said Ho Hai Yen, 40, in Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, who visited Da Lat to buy food directly from the farm. She said that she even does not completely believe vegetables with clear labels and price tags, for she had been deceived by an online produce trading company offering such goods. “I only trust vegetables after examining in person and considering all elements in production,” Yen said. On the weekend, it is easy see tourists from Ho Chi Minh City performing checks on plants, fruits, and fertilizers or pesticides used on farms in Da Lat, and even requiring growers to present official quality certificates in order to be assured of the vegetables’ safety. Yen visited up to six farms in Da Lat over the weekend, checking whether there were any generic pesticide bottles lying around, or labeled bottles with no import stamp. A number of… [Read full story]


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