Several young Vietnamese suffer injuries from firecrackers during Tet holiday

As of February 18, at least five young Vietnamese males with injuries on their hands suspected to be caused by firecrackers had been sent to the Hospital for Traumatology and Orthopaedics in the north-central Vietnamese province of Nghe An. Most of the victims suffered injuries on their hands but they refused to admit that the lesions were caused by firecrackers. One student from Hoa Thanh Commune in the province’s Yen Thanh District was hospitalized on February 16, having injuries on his right hand’s fingertips and admitting that he had used home-made firecrackers. There have been five to six cases with injuries on the hands at the hospital. Though the injuries caused by lighting firecrackers present no death risk, the victims suffer severe lesions on their hands, which could affect their study after treatment. The Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital in Nghe An also received two cases of young people suffering injuries on hands. T.T.K., 9, from Yen Thanh District, and P.T.B., 15, from Hung Nguyen District, both had severe lesions on their hands. According to local authorities, they have arrested 505 people using firecrackers in 418 cases and seized 4.9 metric tons of the contraband. A male 7th grader was recently found to suffer severe injuries on his hands due to firecrackers, according to local authorities in Thuan Thien Commune, Kien Thuy District, in the northern Vietnamese city of Hai Phong. While making firecrackers with other local youths, N.D.T., 15, accidentally caused the contraband to burn, losing several of his fingers…. [Read full story]


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