Ta Dung Nature Reserve upgraded into National Park

Miniature ’Ha Long Bay’: Ta Dung nature reserve seen from above. — Photo: Baotintuc.vn The move aims to strengthen protection of the forest resources and bio-system, genetic resources of endangered, rare and precious animals and serve education, scientific study and eco-tourism purposes. The Government chief tasked the Dak Nong Provincial People’s Committee to directly manage the Ta Dung National Park. Located on the area of 20,937.7 ha in Dak Som Commune, Dak Glong District, Dak Nong province., the National Park is divided into three functional zones, namely strict protection zone, ecological restoration zone and administrative-service zone. This is one of the most photogenic forests in the region, where many rare and nearly extinct animals on the Red List of Threatened Species live. It is also a wonderful trekking experience to conquer the 2,000m peak of Ta Dung mountain, which is truly one of a kind. In dry season, the yellow marigolds were in full bloom, brightening Ho Chi Minh Highway as it passed through Tay Nguyen (the central highlands). From a distance, Ta Dung peak is concealed by floating clouds./. By Thuy Dung


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