Tet event features folk art, calligraphy

The annual Spring Calligraphy Festival will be held at the Literature Lake, a part of the Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) on February 9-25. Artists display calligraphic skill (Photo: vov.vn) For years, Hanoians have visited the Temple of Literature to have meaningful words written in calligraphy, aiming to attract good fortune in the New Year. The calligraphic works are then used to decorate their house during the New Year celebration. Le Xuan Kieu, Director of the the Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam Cultural and Scientific Centre, said the festival aims to promote traditional culture and preserve the calligraphic art. On red or yellow do (poonah) paper, they write words in traditional and Vietnamese scripts intended to bring good health, luck and prosperity for those in attendance. This year, 55 calligraphers who are members of calligraphic clubs and selected from a writing competition will perform the writing. The artists, wearing ao dai (long robes), will sit in bamboo tents following the traditions of the past. One highlight of the festival is an exhibition of 35 calligraphic works written in Vietnamese and Han-Nom scripts. The writings follow the theme of talent and righteousness to honour the tradition of learning. In the framework of the festival, an exhibition of traditional crafts such as pottery, paper making, embroidery, wood carving and bronze casting will be held. Visitors can also learn about poonah paper and how it’s made. Beside calligraphy, poonah paper is also used to print folk paintings and colourful Dong Ho, Kim… [Read full story]


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