The Party is always the Spring in people’s hearts

Over the past year, the entire Party, people and army have overcome numerous difficulties and hardships and obtained comprehensive great achievements and successes. Particularly, the economy exceeded the set plans; the national defense and security were consolidated and strengthened; the living standards of the people were improved; and the country’s position and status in the international arena was continuously raised, significantly contributing to maintaining a stable, peaceful environment for national development, firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity. Troops in the whole army have made a large contribution to these general achievements. 2017 was the second year of the five-year term of the 12th National Party Congress. During the year, the Party has crafted sound directions, good policies and creative solutions and led the entire people and army to implement major missions efficiently and successfully, creating a momentum for the country’s fast and sustainable growth. Vietnam’s economy exceeded the set plans. (Photo for illustration. Besides, the Party Central Committee issued a number of important resolutions, which  aim to reorganize the Party in an effort to build a clean Party strong in terms of politics, ideology, ethics and organization; to accelerate administrative reforms and streamline the political system for efficiency and effectiveness; to develop the socialist-oriented market economy, to raise the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; and to focus on improving social security networks and human development.   All these resolutions embrace fundamental and urgent contents, which have really reflected lives of the people and have,… [Read full story]


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