Traditional Tet cakes of ethnic groups in Vietnam

Phu the cake (Source: Hanoi (VNA) – Tet custom demands different sortsof cake to offer to the earth, heaven and ancestors. Apart from banh chung (square cake), there aremany other delicacies that have become popular over a thousand or more years.They include phu the cake, muot rolls, and sung trau (buffalo horn) cake.Phu the cakeA well known specialty of Bac Ninh province’sDinh Bang ward, phu the cake, must be on the Tet offering tray, at weddingparties or other major festivals. When spring comes, the cakes are presented inpairs to present to married couples.Le Thi Hien, 86, from Dinh Bang, told Viet NamNews that the making of phu the began in the Ly Dynasty in 1009. People make the popular cake all year round,Hien said, and there are many legends surrounding it. When King Ly Anh Tongwent to the warfront, his queen at home missed him so much, she made a cake andsent it to him. The king enjoyed the cake so much and named it phu the (husbandand wife) cake.There is also the story about a trader who hadto travel far. His wife made the cake for him to take along, saying that“although far away, my love for you is as sweet as the cake.”Another story: while joining a festival of DoTemple, which falls on 14-15-16 of the third lunar month, King Ly Thanh Tongand his queen had been offered specialty cakes by a Dinh Bang young person. TheKing and Queen enjoyed the cake so much and named it phu the.Ever… [Read full story]


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