​Untold stories of Da Lat – P4: The Haunted House on Prenn Pass

A forgotten property tucked away at the entrance to Da Lat continues to intrigue and petrify local residents and tourists alike. >> Untold stories of Da Lat – P2: Stone villa of Nguyen King’s concubine >> Untold stories of Da Lat – P1: Nguyen Dynasty’s trusted retainer  >> Untold stories of Da Lat – P3: Royal partition Da Lat is an alluring resort town at the heart of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. As visitors approach the town they leave Prenn Pass behind and enter Da Lat, where they are typically drawn to a large, desolate villa. The residence has long been known as a ‘ghost house’. The façade faces the road and leans against a pine tree forest. Spine-tingling ghost stories have been attached to the property, arousing the curiosity of visitors. Da Lat boasts hundreds of centuries-old French and American-style villas, lending a distinctive hue to the serene town and making a lasting impression on visitors. Over time, many have become run down and overgrown, and therefore a breeding ground for fabricated ghost stories.   Several other mansions on streets including Tran Hung Dao, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh and along Prenn Pass have also been dubbed ‘haunted houses’. Among them, the Prenn Pass is the most high-profile.  Rumors circulated that during French colonial rule, a group of soldiers from the French Foreign Legion, a branch of the French Army, were stationed at the villa to ensure safety along Prenn Pass. However, they raped and killed a number… [Read full story]


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