Vietnam Airlines warns flyers of social-media free ticket scam

Vietnam Airlines warns flyers of social-media free ticket scam. Recently, a malware website that links to promises to give away two Vietnam Airlines’ tickets when customers participate in a survey and share personal information using social network accounts, Vietnam Airlines said in a statement. “Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get 2 Free Vietnam Airlines Tickets! We only have 332 tickets remaining so hurry!” the fake message reads, followed by a series of questions like “Have you ever traveled with us?” The carrier warned that customers’ personal information could be stolen or they may inadvertently assist deceptive behavior on other users on social media. In order to prevent increasingly sophisticated impersonation, Vietnam Airlines highly advises customers to be vigilant against promotional offers from unknown websites and not to share personal details, account information or log on to these sites. Vietnam Airlines also encourages users to share this information to protect themselves, their families, friends and relatives from such illegal acts, it said. For information, please visit Vietnam Airlines’ official channels as follows: Website; Facebook fanpage; Instagram fanpage or call Customer Center 1900 1100. Source: VNA


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