Vietnamese-American doctor runs site providing English courses, medical knowledge

A Vietnamese-American doctor has helped many Vietnamese counterparts and medical workers to learn English and related knowledge by establishing a website called Dr. Huynh Tran, or Wynn Tran in English, decided to run such courses as he used to struggle with English when coming to the U.S. nearly two decades ago. Difficult beginning in the U.S. Huynh and his family emigrated to America in 1999 when he had just finished his third year at the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. Without good English, Huynh had to take ESL courses first while working in a factory to assemble table legs. After two years vigorously studying English and other science subjects, Huynh was finally accepted to study architecture. After graduating, he worked as an architect designing clinics, medical offices, and hospitals in Western Michigan, sparking some interest in the field of medicine in him. There was another reason behind Huynh’s switch to medicine, stemming from his very first days in the U.S. When his family first landed in the U.S., his father suffered a heart attack and was sent to Holland Hospital in Michigan. Both Huynh and his family could not speak English well and they were luckily helped by a volunteer interpreter in the hospital. Touched by the caring doctors, medical staff, and the interpreter of Holland Hospital, Huynh later came back and served as a volunteer interpreter at this place. The switch to medicine After working for two years as an architect, Huynh decided to start… [Read full story]


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