Vietnamese farmers’ Valentine photos prove carrots are no less romantic than roses

By Kim Anh  &nbspFebruary 14, 2018 | 11:21 pm GMT+7 This farmer couple’s Valentine’s Day photos, taken by their own son, have received hundreds of comments and shares in just one day. Coming home to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Nguyen Dinh Nhu, a fourth-year online journalism student at the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi, persuaded his parents to do a photo shoot commemorating their relationship. “Back then, my parents only took photos of their engagement and did not take any wedding photos. This is my present to them for the 24th anniversary of their wedding, so they can recollect their youth,” Nhu said. The main characters of the album “The field of love – farmers’ Valentine” are Nhu’s father Nguyen Van Tuyen, 45, and mother Nguyen Thi Gam, 42. According to Nhu, his mother initially refused to participate as she rarely had photos of her taken and did not find herself photogenic. His father however supported the idea, and evetually both agreed to pose for the album. The photos were taken on Tuesday, just one day before Valentine’s Day and three days before Lunar New Year, at the family’s vegetable farm where they grow carrots, cabbages and nuts. Including Nhu, his parents have a total of two sons and one daughter. Occasionally, while assisting his parents on the farm, Nhu still gets to hear his mother recount their old love stories. Both of Nhu’s parents come from Nghia Hung District in the northern province of Nam Dinh, but… [Read full story]


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