​Vietnamese man accuses well-known hotel booking sites of leaking confidential information

A Vietnamese traveler has been startled to find out that his personal information, including the highly confidential credit account number, had been leaked after making reservations via hotel booking sites. Users of popular hotel booking sites including Booking.com and Agoda are now concerned over the safety of their personal information after a shocking discovery of a local vacationer. Vu Hien, a resident of Ho Chi Minh City, recalled the incident in mid-January, when he booked a hotel for his trip to Phu Quoc, a famous tourist island off the southern province of Kien Giang, via Agoda. After choosing the room, Hien was required to enter his visa account number as confirmation, although he opted to pay at the hotel. Believing that Agoda would “safeguard and encrypt” users’ credit card information as the website promises, Hien followed the instruction without hesitation. “I chose to pay at the hotel. The money in my account was insufficient to pay for the room,” the man added. Everything seemed to be completely fine until Hien checked-in at his resort, when the receptionist took out the piece of paper containing the information of his reservation. The vacationer glanced at the paper and noticed the important data of his credit card, including the card number, name of the holder, verification code (CVC), and expiration date. The resort employee later told Hien that the information was provided by Booking.com. It is extremely risky to disclose such confidential details, Hien stated, adding that bad people could take advantage of the… [Read full story]


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