​Vietnamese man saved after being stabbed in heart

Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have saved a man who was stabbed in the heart by two strangers for an unclear reason. N.H.N., 41, who resides in District 7, was rescued thanks to the efforts of medical practitioners at the Saigon General Hospital, located in District 1. According to initial information, N. was riding his motorbike along Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street in District 1 on Sunday night when he was approached by two men, who claimed that N.’s vehicle had hit theirs. The strangers than assaulted N. before stabbing his heart with a knife. Following an emergency call from local residents, an ambulance brought the victim to the Saigon General Hospital. The patient suffered multiple scratches across his body and a bleeding wound on his chest. Results of a CT scan later showed that there was a two-centimeter deep cut in the left ventricle, causing bleeding and acute cardiac compression. The medical team at the Saigon General Hospital decided to send an inter-hospital red alert to the 115 People’s Hospital, whose cardiac doctors and nurses were then mobilized to assist the effort. A surgery was carried out at 9:00 pm and ended at 10:00 pm on the same night. The patient has regained consciousness and his overall health condition has stabilized. Like us on Facebook  or  follow us on Twitter  to get the latest news about Vietnam!


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