Vietnamese man with movement disorders becomes IT engineer

A Vietnamese man affected by a brain-related condition has overcome problems since his childhood to become an engineer in information technology. Nguyen Hoang Gia Bao, an alumnus of the University of Science and Technology in Da Nang City, experienced difficult times since being born in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam. His mother passed away in a postnatal accident after giving birth to him, and his father died a few years later due to overwork. He lived with his uncle, Nguyen Bac Dau, who has acted as his father ever since. Bao was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – a collection of movement disorders caused by abnormal brain development. “Is life fair when having a child with cerebral palsy suffer from such a great loss,” said Dau, referring to the plight where Bao’s parents died. The disease consigned Bao, who is smart and loves learning, to a wheelchair and also affected his speech. He received help from many people to get education. Dau pushed him to school in his wheelchair on the dirt road of his village during the rainy season. When the uncle was busy, his nephew’s friends volunteered to do the job. “Sometimes we fell down because the path was slippery while Bao’s arms and legs were dangling freely. At that time, tears were welling up in my eyes out of my love for him,” Dau recalled. Bao then passed the examination to gain entry into a selective class of a local high school. At the first level of the… [Read full story]


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