Vietnamese student traverses Europe to answer life questions

A Vietnamese student has been embracing her lifestyle of wanderlust by traveling across Europe and other places around the world during her time as a student in France. Huyen Le was a student of the chemistry-specialized class at Le Quy Don High School for Gifted Students in Da Nang City before taking off to France for her study at the University of Technology of Compiègne. “France and the whole Europe have brought several new chapters to my life,” Huyen said. “I would not have known that the world is so beautiful, had I not got out of my home country to see other places,” the Vietnamese student continued. Kayaking at Lake Bled in Slovenia. Photo courtesy of Huyen Le Before enjoying traveling, Huyen was just like many other young people, not knowing exactly what she really loves to do. Thanks to various experiences from travel, she is now able to answer many important questions of her life, namely “Who is she?”, “Where is she?”, “What does she want?”, “Why does she need to do that?”, and “What does she have to do to achieve what she wants?” Huyen has visited various places in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Huyen Le on top of a mountain in Switzerland. Photo courtesy of Huyen Le Whenever she has time and feels like wandering, Huyen simply books tickets and hops on the train. Among many European countries Huyen has visited, she falls in… [Read full story]


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