​Vietnamese woman unfailingly smiles at decades-long illness

A Vietnamese woman has always taken a positive outlook on life although she has lived with many diseases for nearly two decades. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y, 32, in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam, has received medical treatment at Da Nang Hospital in the adjacent city for 18 years. At 14, she menstruated only twice and the menses never occurred to this girl merely beginning to reach her puberty. “At that time, I was waiting for the period to recur but in vain,” Y recalled smilingly. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y prepares medicine to take at the beginning of the day. Photo: Tuoi Tre As a portent for looming gloomy days, she always vomited repeatedly after eating – a condition that has lasted until now with no sign of cessation and necessitated her undergoing a prolonged cure. “At first the doctor told me I had stomach ulcers, then acid reflux and some other illnesses I can’t remember. I’ve taken a lot of medicine but the diseases aren’t over. I vomit as soon as I eat,” Y said. She was admitted to a local hospital for half a year before stopping her education to be referred to Da Nang Hospital, where she has been a patient of all departments, except for the geriatric one, in its building for internal medicine. She has ten different diseases, which she said she can endure, and only anemia forces her to find treatment. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y looks through a window of Da Nang Hospital in the… [Read full story]


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