While building a powerful company, Viettel chooses to care for its staff

Good healthcare Every year, Viettel provides healthcare for its staff at its expenses, four times higher than its peers. Additionally, its healthcare system with competent medical personnel takes good care of all staff members and take seriously-ill staff members to large modern hospitals for further treatment. Viettel’s staff are encouraged and supported to improve their knowledge. Every working day, Viettel’s staff have 15 minutes of happy time taking rest and doing exercise to avoid work-related stress. The company also provides financial support for its branches and subsidiaries to hold two happy events every year to promote their solidarity, connections and working culture.  Viettel has also arranged a reserved healthcare section at Central Military Hospital 108 for its staff’s family members. Financial support Viettel has reached an agreement with the Military Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (MB) to support its staff when they need loans. Accordingly, when Viettel’s staff members apply for loans from MB, they are guaranteed by the company and enjoy preferential loan interest rates. For those who have contributed importantly to Viettel, the company will pay 50% of the interest when they apply for housing loans. On the Vietnam Family Day (June 28), all Viettel’s staff members can leave work one hour earlier. Before every Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), Viettel’s leaders send Tet gifts and greetings to families of all military officers, civilian officials and workers of the company. As Viettel’s staff often work far from their families, the company has established a healthcare hotline to support their ill… [Read full story]


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