Xen Muong festival highlights Thai customs in Hoa Binh

A photo of last year’s Xen Muong festival held in Hoa Binh province (Source:www.baohoabinh.com.vn)   Hoa Binh (VNA) – At the beginning of the year, various Spring festivals are held indifferent localities to thank gods and pray for a year of favourable weatherand bumper crops. Xen Muong festival in Mai Chau district, the northernprovince of Hoa Binh, is one such event organised by Thai people, praying for goodcrops and happiness.Xen Muongfestival has become a shared event of many ethnic minority groups in theprovince and neighbouring localities as well as tourists who come to enjoy the traditionalculture, art and foods of Thai people.The festivalfeatures various art performances, such as “keng long” dance (traditional danceof Thai people), drum and gong playing by local artists.Many culturalactivities and games are also held, including a tug of war, volleyball,crossbow shooting, and a food exhibition.Within theframework of the festival, villages across the commune introduce local dishes,including steamed violet glutinous rice mixed with cassava, forest vegetables, andyoung bamboo cooked with chicken. Locals also sell brocade, purple garlic andforest vegetables.Ha Trong Luu,Chairman of Chieng Chau People’s Committee said that Xen Muong festival of the Thaiethnic minority group has been held for generations. The event was suspendedfor a long period, but it was restored in 2011, with many unique spiritual practicesand long-lasting traditions preserved.Chieng Chau isthe homeland of Thai people who migrated from Bac Ha in Lao Cai in the 8th century. Throughout history, generations of Thai people, together with othergroups in the locality, have made significant contributions to… [Read full story]


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