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Obama in Situation room

'Obama in situation room' picture is on its way to become the most viewed photo in flickr and has already become the defining picture of his presidency. But when I saw it, all I could think was how familiar the photo looked. I have seen such tense faces in every India -Pakistan match. Don't believe me! See for yourself.

I think how you feel about 9/11 depends a lot on how far you were from the point of contact when the plane touched the glass facade of the towers. The one in the cockpit would have gone 'hurray!' even though they would have been incinerated before completing their high fives. The one back in the plane would have felt fear. The one on the ground closer to the family would have felt horror first, sorrow later. But the need for justice and revenge would not have occured to them. Not right then. It would have developed as they moved away from the event in time. But for their president, it would have been a different story. Horror, sorrow would have quickly given way to revenge. So he issued a fatwa in western style - Smoke them out.

How close was I to the point of contact? Well, exactly a week before I had landed in JFK and I stayed for next four months in Connecticut for a client assignment. That's not remotely close. It's like a rock in Moon saying I was this close to becoming a civilization. Nevertheless, this distance has given me a sense of objectiveness.

Like, when Internet is labeling Obama situation room photo as the most macho moment for white house, I can't but think was U.S not violating Pakistan's sovereignty when they flew in, got him and flew out? But I also know that you cannot expect anything more from a school bully. School bullies behave consistently but not fairly. Both your and their time on swing is theirs and they are not going to ask you for it, but just take it. In a way I feel happy that there is only one bully in this world - America. The other kid, the most problematic kid, is just a fly on the wall or a rat in the hole. For if Osama had been stronger like erstwhile U.S.S.R then we would just have had a blown up classroom.