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An election promise that will make Bangaloreans "stand up" and take notice

The municipal election of Bangalore is around the corner. When exactly, nobody knows. But it is definitely around the corner - like around the corner of who-cares and no-one streets. One reason Bangaloreans are indifferent towards the election is that everyone knows who is going to win. Yes, it is Hillary Clinton.

Wait! Maybe, I might have got it wrong. That is Miss America contest.

The other reason that Bangaloreans are indifferent is because they don't know the significance of municipal elections. "What does a municipal councilor do, eh?" they ask. The answer is obvious, actually. They do the same thing as MPs and MLAs - watch MMS video clips on phone.
"Then why do we need councilors? Are MPs and MLAs not enough?" Bangaloreans ask a valid question. I am afraid the answer to that is not so obvious. I had to consult an expert in Indian constitution and government setups - an eighth standard student who has civics the exam next day.

I put to the eighth standard student a question that is on every Bangalorean's mind.
"The roads in my neighborhood are filled with potholes. It is a nightmare to travel in them. Who should I complain to - my councillor, or MLA or MP?"
"It depends," he said. "You could go to councilor, if you want the road to be dug up for sewage pipes. You could go to the MLA, if you want the name of the road to be changed to Sri Sri Sixteenth century Swamy road. And you go to the MP, if you want an IIT in your road."
"But I don't want the road to be dug up, or the name to be changed. And I definitely don't want one more IIT. I already have enough campus love story books in my kindle." I said frustrated.
The boy thought for a while and then said, "Maybe, the councilor is your guy. You see, he is responsible for digging up roads for sewage pipes. But everyone knows that he will dig it up only after the potholes are filled and the road is tarred. So, if you could get him to fill the potholes and then get an injunction in court before he digs it up..."
"It is hopeless," I sighed.

Do you now understand why Bangaloreans are indifferent to the municipal elections? No contestant has come forward and proposed a plan on how he is going give what every Bangalorean desperately wants - a trouble free commute. In fact, a contestant would win by a landslide margin if he just says to his electorate this, "I will make your daily commute enjoyable. I will forward you my MMS clips."