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Gandhi - Movie, Man, Symbol

It's another Ganthi jayanthi day. Few quotes, some pictures of Gandhi will float around for next couple of days. What is your first reaction when you see one of them? Do you search for the like button? Do you feel bad that another holiday has come on the weekend? Do you remember the brilliance of Ben Kingsley? I feel a sense of inadequacy. I don't have answers to the moral problems I face. I love Gandhi. I really do! But is it okay to download Gandhi torrent? The real dvd sells at 499 Rupees.

I also feel that it's high time they honour Gandhi.

Gandhi didn't get a Nobel. And he will never. Because they don't give it posthumously.So we should at least confer the second best honor on him. Make him a symbol of something. Just like that dove and olive branch thing. But what could we make him as a symbol of? Non violence? Freedom?

It's going to be a difficult decision. Gandhi is an embodiment of so many different virtues that he can't be a symbol of any one single thing. In fact, his followers find that they are better off choosing a convenient subset of Mahatma's qualities to strive for. Like, Brahmins love his idea of vegetarianism. Needy people have chosen his simplicity to aspire for. And Brahmacharya is the goal of everybody right till they hit the age twelve.

Maybe, we should be guided by Narendra Modi's recent example in this matter. He chose the single most value that Gandhi could bring to his life - Symbolic value. But he was not the first. That praise should go to Mont Blanc. They announced a 11 lakh rupees limited edition pen as a tribute on Gandhi's birthday couple of years back. Mont Blanc was widely criticized in Indian media. It went a long way in establishing Mont Blanc as a premium brand of unnecessary luxury items in India. Retailers also love the symbolic value Gandhi brings. They have a great discount sale going on every Gandhi Jayanthi.

So that's settled. They should make Gandhi as a symbol of all things that are.. well, of just symbolic value. Goverment of India, when they are done with these symbolic gestures of bringing back Gandhi's pens and pencils to India should do the one real thing that will make Indians proud. They should make a representation to I don't know who - World body of symbols or Dove and Olive branch committee or U.N, and make Gandhi as the symbol of all symbolic things.

Quote of the day:
Gandhi is like pure gold. Difficult to work with if jewelery is what you are after.