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Happy Halloween or Whatever

When Harrison Ford proposed to Calista Flockhart, news papers said he was having a middle age crisis. I am sure he paid the reporters to write that. He was sixty six already! I am sure middle age crisis is not something like a half life period. But you should be happy if you are fifty and having a middle age crisis.

This blog turned fifty posts old in the beginning of October and Bham! - it hit the middle age roadblock. And guess what, it has been just around for five months! So October turned out to be a really dry month as I tried answering the eternal question - why am I blogging? I could have gone with any of the two answers - 'For myself' or 'For my readers' depending on whether I am vain or delusional. But I am kinda neither. So it was a tough question for me. Ultimately I went with the answer, 'who cares?'. The answer works for me - off and on.

Ironically, it was the death of Steve Jobs that saved this blog in October. Looking back, I missed a great opportunity to resuscitate this blog when Jagjit Singh joined Steve Jobs. I really go into an introspective mood when I hear Jagjit Singh. I would be wondering for the rest of the day,'That's another whole song without a single word that I knew! Why did I blow my money on this rapidex learn-hindi-in-thirty-days book?' The post would not have gone down well with Jagjit's fans. But my blog would have been out of the ICU! Heck! It could have even spurred me to catch the 'Happy Diwali' and 'Ra One sucks' bandwagon and steer this blog to the pink of its health. But it was not meant to be. So I have to just make use Halloween to get myself out of the muck I am stuck neck deep in.

Nobody gives a damn about Halloween in India. Nobody except HBO which has scare fest movies the whole of October. So entire India watches 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' on a Diwali day. But you know what really pisses me off? The fact that I have to be up all night to watch those movies because stupid HBO telecasts them on the late night movie time slot.

Of course for the last couple of years, we have kids going around shouting 'trick or treat' at the confused old people who open the doors. But this is Bangalore! We celebrate Independence day on July 4th here. That is, if you consider watching the movie 'Independence Day' on a late night time slot in HBO as a celebration.
So to all those  phoren returned out there, Happy Halloween.

Quote for the day:
I want to write a humour novel and laugh at people who bought it.
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