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It might be a new year. But it is still the same old me.

I don't make resolutions on new year's eve. I make them every night!
Every night, before I go to sleep, I resolve to wake up as a changed man.
Every night.

Obviously, I failed to keep my resolution. But it was Okay. I knew keeping a resolution is very hard - especially if it is about changing oneself. So I was determined to keep trying. Then, one day (or night), it happened. I did not make a resolution that night!

I had kept my resolution! I had changed!

Happy 2012

I know it is little late for this stuff. But I believe in better late than later.
This is an assorted post. I have put it all in one place - my predictions, my wishlist, my resolutions for 2012. 

So, my predictions for 2012...

2012 is going to be horrible.
No doubt about that.

To start with, it is a leap year. That is going to be one extra day of farmer suicides, murders, rapes and more importantly traffic jams and T.V serials. But this year is not only going to be longer, it is going to appear even longer. Yes! We have olympics this year - the event they conduct once every four years so that stronger, faster, fitter athletes can sell shoes, chips and colas to dumber, fatter and lazier us. We have elections coming up as well. The media is going to bore us to death with its news coverage. They are going to tell us everything about the elections but for the most important one - where the nearest poll booth is so that we can avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam on election day.

 But do you know what is going to make 2012 annus horribilis? It is Harsha Bogle announcing in a solemn voice, 'This is end of an era.' as Sachin tendulkar gets out in his last test innings. Fifteen minutes later he will declare end of another era when Dravid gets out. And some time later in the same day he will go, 'Laxman is clean bowled! Oh, what the heck! Let's end another era.'

I am not much into sports. It is physically demanding - on my eyes. But I will definitely miss Sachin Tendulkar. He is the last batsman about who I can say, 'When he played his first test, I was just a teenager. I will bunk classes to watch his innings.' I don't think I will talk about cricket hereafter. What can I say about Virat Kohli and the ilk? Do you think, 'When he played his first test I was changing my kid's diapers.' is a good conversation starter?

Enough with the predictions. Let's move on to the resolutions. You can't be more careful about making new year resolutions. You are going to live with it for like.. at least a week. So I thought a lot over it in the dying days of 2011 and then the first ten days of 2012 and have whittled down my list of new year resolutions to just two.

1. I am going to do things on time this year. In fact, ahead of time. I have already started making a post on why 2013 is going to be horrible. Watch out for it on December 31, 2012 or January 11, 2013.

2. I want to become fitter this year. I plan to distribute free chips packets in my neighborhood.

Moving on to wishlist for 2012, Please come back after, let's say, six months. I will be ready by that time.