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iSad over iCon's death

I am not a member of iPhone fan club. I never will be. But I know there are  people who derive their sense of self worth from the iPhone model they own. Just like there are teenage college boys who are obsessed with the size of their gadget. This world is made of all kinds of people. Let's not hold that against an work of art and its creator. (To be clear, I am talking just about iPhone and Steve jobs here.)

Technology is a child of truth. Beauty had always been in scarse supply there. That is, till Steve jobs came along. He fused them together in a way not known before and in a way that has not been surpassed since. Sure, Google puts out stuff that has touch of beauty. But that is beauty of elegance - not for everybody. It is for people who enjoy the symmetry of equations in Minkowski space time model. (I made that up. But you get the idea, right?)

It's a pity that Steve Jobs was kicked out of apple the first time. Had he been there, Computers would have been very different today. I am talking about windows - a search dog that scratches itself and a paper clip that rolls its eyes were their attempts to be human friendly! How hard would it have been for him to surpass that? But the loss of computer industry turned out to be the benefit of animation film and phone industry. And his latest product, ipad, may even start the decline of computers in household.

Fifty six is not an age to die. Not for anybody. Definitely not for the rock star of the tech world. But we don't get to decide these things. All we can say is, 'Hey, Phone companies up there! Watch out for the new kid.'

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