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Mumbai blasts - an after thought

Heard that mumbaikars are walking tall. They would prefer to walk safe. But nobody is giving that option to them.

And I encourage them to walk tall too. At the rate at which they are walking taller they soon can have a bird's eye view of their neighbourhood. Then Mumbai can post a sign "Neighbourhood watch: Very tall Neighbours watching."

Minister P. Chidambaram said after the blasts that the terrorists have targeted populous area to inflict maximum damage. This man is - BRILLIANT! Too bad, he is not into science. We could have got a Nobel prize! We should urge him to reconsider his career. "It is not too late. We have lost just twenty lives."

Not long back, he was the finance minister when the market fell by four percent in thirty minutes. He came on T.V and said some thing like "There is no need to panic. It is just four percent. Compared to the rise last year the fall is nothing." Sure, Traders got the message. The market fell by another six percent when it resumed.

So, what can we do about terrorism apart from making obvious statements and congratulating ourselves for walking tall? What we can do about terrorism before the next act of terrorism takes place? Blogosphere is abuzz with crazy ideas like blasting Pakistan off the face of earth and standing united against terrorism.

People sit half reclined as they go through their activity that matters most to them - watching T.V. You want them to stand against, repeat it, terrorism? Hmm.. good luck on that one. And the only way to blast Pakistan off the face of earth is if India gets to make the maps of earth. Of course, I don't think Pakistan is the root cause either. They have their own problems.

So there should be something we can do before another blast goes off, right? Yes, We can do one thing - NOTHING.

Terrorism is a new kind of war. It is a low cost war where the participants pay high price. In olden days, the cost and the price of the war was very high. So it has gone out of fancy to be replaced by this new monster called terrorism. In this war, countries are not at loggerheads. There is no battlefront, no tanks, no army. Just some nebulous entities bombing at some random places.

Terrorism is an unequal war waged against the inequalities in the system. Our society, any society for that matter, is full of inequalities. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. But when a poor starts feeling that the reason for his poverty and insecurity is his religion,color,language then the seeds of terrorism has been sown in his mind. And someone will always come along to water it and grow it into a hatred tree that bears bombs. Remember, if you see a blast now, it is the fruit of the seed planted long time back. Osama didn't get up one fine morning and said, "What a fine day to blast the towers!" U.S planted the seed for the act long time back.

When did we plant the seed for the terrorist acts that we are confronted with today? My guess is that we planted it the day we brought down a mosque. But some might say, that it was the day when the mosque was built originally. The truth is, it doesn't matter. What is done is done. We need to focus on the present. We need to ensure that the climate is not conducive for the terrorism tree to grow wild. We need to make an inclusive society where one's religion is purely a personal matter. Then the blasts will stop. If not in our times, it will stop in the times of our children at least.