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The Raid: Redemption Review

Writing a review for The Raid: Redemption is an incredibly difficult task. It's not a complicated movie and I don't need to dance around spoilers, but it's just that no amount of praise will really do this film proper justice. People have been calling it the best action movie in awhile, and I can confidently say that those people are absolutely right. The Raid not only lives up to the hype, but it surpasses it with a roundhouse kick square in the face. You're going to have a ridiculous amount of fun watching this movie from start to finish.  It's simply an experience that all action fans need to check out at least once. It's brutal, relentless, jaw-dropping, and one of the most entertaining movies I have ever watched. I imagine I'll see it at least once more in theaters and get the Blu-ray right when it hits.

If you've watched the trailer, then you're pretty much up to date with the plot. A criminal kingpin is lurking in a tenement tower that's filled with goons who will obey his every command. A squad of incredibly talented SWAT officers are sent in to take the villain out. Simple as that. The focus is on Rama (Iko Uwais), the newbie on the team with a pregnant wife. Despite the dangers of the mission, his reason for going on the seemingly suicidal task will unfold over the course of the movie.

But let's be honest, the story isn't why you're going to see The Raid. You want insane action, and director Gareth Evans delivers an overdose of awesomeness in that regard.  Theses are some of the most impressive melees you'll ever witness. The choreography is stunning, wowing us with incredible technique in combination with using the environment for some of the most powerful impacts I've ever witnessed in a film. And this isn't the same fight scene over and over. Each will amaze you more and more as the encounters become more ruthless and engaging. I lost track of how many times people in the audience yelled "OHHH!"
What helps make the hand-to-hand battles even more powerful is the way the film is shot. Shaky cam rarely interferes with our focus and the camera work is done in a manner that lets us fully appreciate each and every one of the crazy fast and vicious punches, kicks and stabs. The lack of quick cuts is fully appreciated as well, helping us follow the almost super-humanly fast martial arts. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park lends his talents to create the soundtrack, and the electronic songs compliment the pace of the film extremely well.

The plot isn't going to get you emotionally invested, but that hardly matters when you're so enthralled by some of the most amazing fight sequences you'll ever see. The Raid: Redemption is one hell of a good time and, for a lack of betters words, is ridiculously awesome. If you even remotely enjoy action movies, you absolutely have to see this one. Unfortunately, The Raid: Redemption is only a limited release, so go here to see if it's playing near you. And if it is, I highly recommend you see it ASAP.