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Are you feeling a little down this Independence day?

Are you asking what is so great about Independence day. It is an understandable feeling, especially as Independence day falls on a saturday.

So watch our video and see why you should feel excited about our Independence day.

Happy Independence Day

This Independence day, I urge you all to remember the sacrifices made by our selfless ancestors. If not for them you would not have had this great and truly wonderful LOOOOONG WEEEEKEND!! So wherever you are on Independence day, be it the beaches of Goa or the hills of Coorg, just take a solemn moment to remember our ancestors and then go back to the party. But if you really feel indebted to them and want to know more about the difficulties they faced in the early days of the new nation, then read on.

The new nation of India faced a plethora of problems ranging from mass migration, communal riots and war in Kashmir. Our forefathers decided to take head on the problems by applying themselves to come up with a stunning design for our national flag. Our national flag is a tricolour of saffron, white and green with the colors symbolizing saffron, white and green respectively. There is blue chakra in the middle of the flag, primarily to make it difficult for the kindergarten children to draw the flag.

After designing the national flag, our forefathers moved to the more complicated task of choosing a national animal. The qualifying criteria for national animal was very strict - the animal had to be found only in India or else India should be home to at least ninety percentage of the animal population. The only candidate who passed those stringent criteria and was all set to become our national animal was Mambalam Culicidae. (also known as Madras mosquito) But at the last moment, B.R. Ambedkar raised a fine point of law - the Mambalam mosquito was an insect, not an animal! Thus Bengal tiger became our national animal. Appreciating Ambedkar's legal acumen, Nehru gave him a minor task that had been pending for quiet some time - drafting India's constitution.

Choosing our National anthem was becoming a big problem with every state demanding that the national anthem be in their own language. It looked like the new nation was going to have twenty versions of national anthem. However common sense prevailed and Jana Gana Mana was chosen as our national anthem. The National anthem had just two versions - long version and the popular version. The long version roughly lasts twenty eight seconds. The popular version lasts twenty eight seconds too, but has much fewer words as shown below.

Jana Gana Mana adhi naayaka jaya he
<Just lip movement without any sound for next twenty seconds>
Jaya he!Jya he!Jaya he!
Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya he!

Of course, none of these tasks were as difficult as the one that Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister faced. He had to deliver a speech on the eve of Independence day in the parliament. But Nehru was up to the task. With the clock approaching midnight on 14th August, 1947, Nehru gave one of the greatest speeches of all time which started with the following words:

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when I shall reveal the meaning of the words tryst and destiny.

Or something like that.