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The contours of economy

The good thing about economy is that if you are the kind of person who goes from the main page to sports page to the supplementary page then you will not be affected by economy at all. Till the time you can buy the paper, that is.

But economy is crumbling right now. And I again think it is a good thing that they have the economy page in the middle of news paper. We don't want the crumbs to fall off the paper. We need the complete paper, with all the crumbs.

 I get my economy tips from my investment analyst friend who has eyes for figures,graphs and curves. In seventh standard, when our teacher drew some parabolic elliptical hyperbola to explain conics, he pulled me and whispered in my ears, "Doesn't that look like a naked chic watering plants?" I went,'That is a parabolic elliptical hyperbola. Why would you say.." and he went,"Because those two are BEEP and those are BEEP..." and I went,"Okay! But where is the water and plant?"

You see some people have eyes for figures,graphs and curves and some don't.

So I met him for breakfast one morning to ask him what should I do in this economy. He started out with "Our GDP will do Okay. But USA may not." I wrote in my napkin that I should invest in 'our GDP' not in USA.

"What about Gold?", I asked.
"Two things can happen. It can go up. Or it can go down."
"Is there a third thing?"
"It can stay where it is."
"Does that ever happen?"
"So then why are you telling me that it can go up or down. Anybody can say that."
"So? Sue me."

I asked what was bothering him and he pointed at the waiter.
"Look at him. The economy is in shambles and he is not a bit worried." He said.
"Maybe he doesn't know that the economy is in shambles."
"Are you kidding me? He knows obviously enough not to worry about the recession."
"Will the recession not affect him?"
"Of course not. The housing loan will become dearer. Does it look like that he has a house?"
"The food prices might go up."
"He gets his free food in the hotel daily."
"What about petrol?"
"Since when do you drink petrol to walk?"
"He might loose his job."
"Not really. Do you think people will stop coming to restaurants? Somebody needs to wait on them."
"So,the recession will not affect him at all?"
"Very unlikely, unless air. water becomes dearer."
"But what if it really gets worse like in Greece?"
"Yeah, then he might loose his job. But then the situation would be so bad that people will not be eating out anymore! Can you imagine that?"
"You seem to be envious of him."
"Wait till the economy turns around. Then I will come and laugh at his face."

I didn't get many ideas from him that day. And I am still worried about economy. But it is Okay I think. All things considered, it is better to be in a state where you can afford to worry about economy than worry about life.