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The friendly neighbourhood gym

When I saw dozen odd spandex clad smoking hot women pounding the treadmill behind that glass wall, the first thought that crossed my mind was "That's a sight I am never going to see in India." Okay, I will be honest. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Wow!" followed by "OMG, she is looking at me!" and then "Turn your head now!.... Okay now... At least NOW!. Okay Don't. she has already turned her head." Sometime after that I got that thought about India.
I think the first gymnasium was built in Greece. I am just guessing here as most of the things seemed to have been built there first. That gym would have fallen into ruins by now but if you want to see a pretty close model you can visit the slightly older gymnasiums in India.

Till pretty recently, the concept of paying money to get tortured was very radical in India and so the gyms were restricted to universities (where anything radical is the mainstream), five star hotels (where people didn't know what to do with money and were willing to experiment with the idea of getting tortured) and institutes run by Government (who always wanted to torture you for some reason ). These gyms were modeled on the one in ancient Greece.  They had a eight by six feet room without ventilation accompanied by a slightly larger bath room. In one corner of the room (in the smaller room not in the bathroom) the barbells and the dumb bells will be in a pile. Of course, in the Government sponsored Gym all the bar bells and dumb bells would be chained to the floor as they are very concerned about the safety of anything that can be moved.

But pretty recently things have started changing. Fitness chains are opening in every neighborhood as the fashion of thin (wallet) is in. These gyms look just the same as the ones in U.S: all-glass front wall, full height mirrors on the sides, numerous treadmills. One difference though - no spandex clad women. It is just salwar kameez and Nike shoes. Indian women who swim in pools in salwar kameez would not make an exception for the treadmill. So the first thought crossed my mind on that day in U.S is still correct, after all.