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When they didn't want Sachin to do it..

You know how Dhoni and co., Harsha Bogle and co. (and your driver , cleaner and co.) wanted to do it for Sachin in the last world cup.

Well the truth is little more complicated and is being revealed by me for the first time in these columns.

They wanted to do it for Sachin but didn't want Sachin himself to do it.
Did Sachin know it? Yes of course!
How did he feel about it? Damn pissed of course. I mean, even kids right around age of three start wanting to do things themselves. They pour the water from jug themselves. They go to the toilet themselves. Even the fact that the fluid projectile misses the target by a feet and turns the floor into... well, Sachin was damn pissed. Let's just leave it there.

How do I know all this? No, not about three year old kids. About Dhoni and Sachin. Well, I was watching the semi finals between India and Pakistan in an open air theater with booze and fun minus the booze and fun. Sachin was trying to dig a hole for himself. But no sooner was it deep enough the pakistanis tripped right into it spilling Sachin's catch. So I was thinking that it was Sachin's day after all and
then he shot himself in the foot with a horrendous shot.

The crowd went silent but for this guy next to me. He went "yessss" pumping his fist. I looked at him. No, he was not wearing any green dress. I got curiouser and scratched him. He turned out to be a normal Indian fan bleeding blue. But he got very upset. Maybe I had scratched him little hard.

Guy oozing blue: Why the hell did you do that?
Me: Why are you celebrating sachin's wicket?
Guy Bleeding blue: If he hits hundred India will loose.
Me: You are joking, right?
Guy bleeding more blue: No, everybody knows. why do you think Pakis were leaving those catches!
Me: Well... But he just scored a century against England.
Guy bleeding bucketful blue: Yes. And we lost it. That's when Dhoni and Co. said you don't do it. We will do it for you.
Me: Can't he score a hundred and we also win?
Guy in a blue pool of blood: No way! He scores, we loose. It is the just like the body language thing. If the batsmen see a bowler's shoulder drooping they hit him for six no matter whether it is yorker or bouncer. In fact, some batsmen don't even watch the bowler. They just look around for the fielders with drooping shoulders and... (he starts spitting blue in the mouth now) Sunil G.a.v.a.s.k.a.r and he fell.

Well, I talked to Gavaskar. He didn't know about "doing it for Sachin". But he absolutely agreed about body language. He told how he had advised Gary kirstein to dry clean Indian shirts and Ashish Nehra with extra starch so that their shoulders will not droop in the field.

I could not get to the bottom of the "He scores. We loose." theory. The only scientific reasoning I can come up with is : Maybe, players like Sreesanth and Nehra get so psyched when Sachin scores a century that their shoulders start drooping even after all that starch and then body language phenomenon take over. But scientific explanation or not, everyone on the street believes "He scores. We loose" theory. Dhoni included. That's why he said "We will to do it for you."

So probably the blue bleeding guy was right. But too bad, I scratched him hard.