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May day may be today

It is labour day today. Labour day commemorates eight hour workday demand : eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for traffic jam. In India, labour day is marked by labour rallies and meetings demanding for better wages, lesser privatization and cheaper movie tickets. As usual, labour day is celebrated in traditional brahmin families by not including onion and garlic in food.

Sometimes Labour day is referred to as May day. But you should know that May day has its origin in something completely different : a pagan spring festival celebrated in Rome during, when else, summer. When Christianity took hold in Rome, they replaced all the pagan festivals with their own version and May day was renamed as Lal krishna Advani day by Pope Modi the XI.

Of course May day has another significance as well, especially when it is phrased as "Mayday". It is the word broadcast by pilots of airplanes in distress so that television channels can immediately start their "Breaking news".

I am afraid I have to stop this May day post abruptly, you know, because this is a long weekend. You know what it means, right? Yes, our cook and maid has gone to their native place. So we have a lot of work to do at the household : go to A2B in the morning, McDonalds in the afternoon. Maybe, we will take it easy later in the night: order in a pizza.