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Marshmallow Test and Delayed Gratification

Have you heard of Marshmallow test? It involves putting a marshmallow and a kid in a room and telling the marshmallow that if you don't get eaten in fifteen minutes he will be fed two of you. It measures how listless the kids are.

Wait! I think I got it wrong. Yes, here is how the real test goes...

It involves putting a marshmallow and a kid in a room and telling the kid that if you don't eat the marshmallow in fifteen minutes you will get two of it. Apparently, it tests the ability of the kids to delay the gratification. It turns out that this ability can directly predict how well they will do in future. They can have a similar test for adults too. It could involve putting an adult in an apple store and telling him that if you don't buy the latest model of iPhone that was released yesterday, you can have the next model free when it is released, I don't know when, maybe a month later.

Seven out of ten kids fail the marshmallow test in America. And I bet all american adults will fail in the iPhone test. In an unrelated news, Visa and Mastercard reported record earnings for the last quarter even though the U.S economy is slipping into a recession.

Did you see the tough time the kids were having? I don't know! I would have aced marshmallow test as a kid. It would have been so easy that the examiner would have felt compelled to up the ante.

'If you stay for 30 minutes, I will quadruple the marshmallows.', he would have said.
'Let's talk real. If I stay for two and half hours will you 1024ple it?', I would have asked.
And I would have won that too.

I know! You are wondering how can I do it so easy,right? It's straight forward actually. There are ten fifteen minutes in two and half hours and a real software engineer knows 2 power 10 is 1024. Even when he is just a kid. Oh! Are you asking about staying off the marshmallow part? Hmm... Well, Delaying gratification is very natural to me! Just like super man can fly and batman can bat, I can delay gratification. Heck! I haven't even bought an iPhone 1 yet!

So, has all that delayed gratification made me a super success in my life? You bet! Especially if the yardstick is small enough. But do you know what would have made me reallllly reallllly suuuuppppper successful? If life, like the marshmallow test, had guarantees then I would have been... somebody! Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. In life, when the door opens after fifteen minutes they don't hand you two marshmallows. They just say, 'Time's up'. Yeah! Life is one crazy marshmallow test.