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So you've got iPhone, Guess what I've got

I've got a 64 MB pen drive! And a 5K mobile from (I don't want to name names so I am just going to link) this people. By the way, 5K is not a model number.

The best things about my phone are
1)It's cheap.
2)It's cheap.
3)It's cheap.

The bad things (there are quiet a few) about my phone are
1)It's got a trackball (that doesn't track very well) to select menus.
2)It's got "Delete this SMS" and "Delete All SMS" as adjacent menus.
3)(This is the killer) For some reason it asks me 5 times before "Delete this SMS" but not even once before "Delete All SMS".

I can visualize our conversation going like this.

YOU: "Man! Did you wipe off your inbox because the trackball screwed up?"
I : "Ah, a perceptive reader! We see so few of you in this part of internet. Please make your self comfortable and spread some internet love by clicking on like button."
YOU: "Did you or Did you not wipe off your inbox?"
I : "The messages are not that important anyway. Something about me winning 1 million pounds and a girl named Shipa who is new in town and wanting to talk to me."
YOU : "You won a million pounds and a girl new in town wants to talk to you?"
I : "Well, I win it every week. And the girl who is in town, she gives me what looks like a Russia number for some strange reason."

So I come to the question that this post is concerned about:
Do my gadgets reflect my personality?

The answer is: I don't know.
It is short form for: I don't want to know.
But the real answer is: It does. But shall we talk about something else?

So there you have it. Your gadgets, the little things that you buy like mobiles, ipods and laptops, they all tell what you are.
So if you ask,"Are you going to buy iPhone then?" then I have to say, "I thought you are a perceptive reader."

The truth is your gadgets reflect your personality. They don't create your personality.

Just like Arunthati Roy's gadget is a jhola bag (that has a sheaf of papers with the title "Trigonometry of finite little things" and a booker prize) and Siddarth Mallya's gadget is Deepika padukone, my gadget is M****X mobile phone. The gadgets select us as much as we select the gadget.

What about the Dell Inspiron with its changeable covers and the tag line - Change is Easy?

You are right. You can switch the interchangeable lids of Dell Inspiron and go from the hard working IT guy in weekdays to the cool photographer in the weekend. That is, if you are an IT guy with an eye for photography.

Remember this: What is inside the lid is still the same.
It is real.
It is you.
It is Dell.

With the switch of a lid Dell can change because in its true essence, it can work and play harder, faster.
What about you?

In summary, I will buy an Android, maybe. But not an iPhone. Because that's not me.
BTW, I use a Dell. (No, I am not kidding.) I use it to crank out my code as well as my post. It has stood by me. And I love it.

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Problem with Creative People

Panel1 : (notepad) Am I not telling it right? Nobody reads me!
Panel2 : (warning icon) Ahh! We creative folks always follow golden rule of communication : SHOW DONT TELL.
Panel3 : (notepad) How do you show that excel can take only 65536 rows?
(warning icon) : MUST NOT talk to engineers, tech writers, managers..