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Vegan Mofo: Skittles! And Other News!

So I'm probably the last one to know, but apparently Skittles have gone vegan! My friend Greg showed up at my house on Saturday, armed with multiple bright red bags of Skittles bearing the phrase "gelatin-free, gluten-free."

Skittles were my favorite candy in my pre-gan days, and even though I try to avoid stuff with hydrogenated oils or corn syrup, I couldn't help but indulge in a big handful. Of course, Mars makes Skittles ... and Mars still tests on animals. So I guess they're not really vegan. So I doubt I'll be giving my money to Skittles anytime soon. But Greg left several bags at my house. I'll eat those and get my fill.

I don't have any food pics tonight, but since it's Mofo, I knew I had to post something. So I'll talk a little about my birthday presents. My birthday isn't actually until October 16th, but my best friend Sheridan (who lives in Little Rock) can't be here for my birthday party. So she came last weekend. We went out for BBQ Tofu Nachos at R.P. Tracks and then to the gay club for dancin'.

But first, she gave me some awesome gifts, like this cupcake hoodie:

She found it at a garage sale! She also found a copy of Soy, Not Oi at a thrift store. I've been wanting this cookzine for awhile.

And she gave me something I've been needing for a long, long time — a cupcake caddy:

I've always carried my cupcakes in multiple Tupperware bowls, so this is perfect. Now I need an excuse to take cupcakes somewhere...

Hey testers! I finally posted more recipes to the crunk tester site ... sorry for the long wait.

Vegan Mofo: Vegan Pimento Cheeze

I used to love pimento cheese, that beloved nuclear-orange colored spread that comes in the big ole plastic tub. When I went vegan almost five years ago, I thought I'd just have to do without it for the rest of my life.

Then one night, I was tweaking a hummus recipe, and just for fun, I added a little nutritional yeast. And gasp! It tasted a lot like the pimento cheese I remembered. That being said, it's been awhile since I've eaten pimento cheese. But you have to admit that it looks quite similar:

My vegan pimento cheeze is another cookbook recipe, and I've been eating it spread on Whole Foods brand Mighty Multigrain bread all weekend:

By the way, doesn't the bread look really white? I bought it because it said "multigrain" and the ingredients look okay. But eating it makes me feel a little guilty ... like I'm eating evil white bread.