Local temples - Ket Ho (in Kathu district)

The Kathu area of Phuket, which lies (roughly) between Phuket City and Patong Beach was the old tin mining capital of Phuket - it was tin (along with rubber, fishing, coconuts, palm oil and more) that made Phuket a relatively wealthy province of Thailand long before any tourists arrived. The tin boom started in the 18th century, bringing many Chinese workers to Phuket, which accounts for the large Chinese-Thai population that you see today (very different to surrounding provinces). The whole area is covered in ponds and lakes, all of which are former tin mines.

Get Ho Temple as seen from the road (Ket Ho Junction)

There are a number of Chinese shrines in the area such as Kathu shrine and Sam Kong Shrine, and also some Wats (Buddhist temples). On Sunday we had a look at Ket-Ho temple (located at Ket Ho junction near the Prince of Songkhla University), and later in the afternoon, visited Kathu temple on the edge of Kathu village. I have driven by the Ket Ho temple a thousand times. It's on the bus route from Phuket Town to Patong, up a slight hill. Like many local temples, it was quiet and uncrowded (only us there), save for a number of noisy dogs. I don't believe the temple has anything spectacular to offer, but I just like local temples.

Ket Ho temple

Ket Ho temple

Ket Ho temple

Ket Ho temple

Ket Ho temple

Not too far away is Kathu temple just outside of the old Kathu village.

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Phuket Beaches

Oddly this blog doesn't talk that often about Phuket's many beaches, which is rather surprising since most visitors come to Phuket for a "beach holiday", and Phuket does have rather a lot of very nice stretches of sand. But I try to keep a personal touch to the blog, and to be honest I’m not much of a beach person. I don't go and sit on the beach. We go (as a family) to the beach now and then to let the kids play, or we might eat by the sea, but if we want a swim we prefer to take the kids to a pool. If we do decide to sit on a beach for a while, we’ll normally avoid the main Phuket tourist beaches, preferring to find a quiet spot.

Pretty much every beach in Phuket is on the west coast, stretching some 45km from Mai Khao beach in the north to Rawai in the South. The 3 main tourist beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata are in the southern half of the island. Away from these beaches there are some very secluded spots and many beaches that are largely undeveloped. Some have just a few hotels or resorts, most have long stretches of uncrowded sand. Some are a bit rocky at low tide....

Low tide

(above) This photo was taken at "Khao Kad Beach" at Cape Panwa on the east side of Chalong Bay - can be rocky at low tide, but one of our favourite little restaurants is right here. The fact that it's rocky at low tide keeps it quiet! As time goes by, I’ll post more information about many of the beaches. This is just a very quick introduction, and may not mention every possible Phuket beach.

Of course before heading to Phuket you'll need a hotel first :

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Karon Beach

Karon is developed, but nothing like Patong. Still has a quieter feel to it. The beach is long, the sand is fine, and there are accommodation options to suit everyone - 5 star to fan rooms in guesthouses... The beach area has been revamped over the last couple of years, and every time I hit Karon after coming from Patong I think "wow, this is nice". Karon is clean and well looked after, though can be accused of being rather "boring" since much of the beachfront is taken up by resorts such as the Hilton Arcadia, Thavorn Palm Beach, South Sea Resort, Andaman Seaview and many more. There are 2 main "centres" at either end of the beach. The south end is quieter and is only a few minutes from Kata, so is a good location. I work there as manager of Sunrise Divers.

Karon Beach, Phuket

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Nai Yang Beach

Just south of Phuket Airport, Nai Yang beach has a few nice resorts and part of the beach is a National Park. Some beachfront restaurants close to the Nai Yang Beach Resort, but otherwise very quiet. Some lower budget places away from the beach too.

More about Nai Yang Beach
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Kamala Beach

The first beach North of Patong (unless you count Kalim and Nakalay), Kamala is not as developed as the other 3 main beaches and being a largely Muslim community has a different feel. When I came to Phuket in 1999 I don’t think there were any bars in Kamala. It was hard enough to buy a beer in a local shop! There are a few bars now, but even now parts of Kamala beach are more like a local fishing community. There are a few bigger hotels and a smattering of small resorts and guesthouses. The North end of the beach is very quiet. Kamala was the worst hit of Phuket’s beaches on December 26th 2004 and it took a while to get back to normal. Kamala is also home to Phuket Fantasea, one of Phuket's biggest tourist attractions.

Kamala beach

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Laem Ka Beach

One of Phuket’s quiet secrets and not well signposted… located just before Rawai on the road from Chalong. No hotels, no restaurants except a little restaurant, just some sand, rocks and a great view. I know it's not as secret as it used to be though.... but still worth a visit.

Laem Ka Beach

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Ao Sane Beach

Barely known, Ao Sane is home to some bungalows and the Baan Krating Jungle Resort. To get there you first come to Naiharn beach, and must drive through the Nai Harn Resort. A quiet spot with a nice view across Naiharn bay. There is one small restaurant serving Thai food. I find it a nice place for a cold afternoon beer. (note - I have not been for years, needs an update!)

Ya Nui Beach

A tiny little place just North of Naiharn, Ya Nui has a few bungalows which have been rebuilt following the tsunami which hit this little beach hard. I have never seen more than a dozen people here but it has got more popular recently. Has a few small restaurants just over the small road and good snorkeling in high season.

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More about Ao Sane beach - yeh, needs updating

Naithon Beach

In between Nai Yang and Bang Tao you find Naithon. The roads in are winding and hilly, and the beach is not very developed. A few small resorts, a few places to eat, a little dive shop ... it's still a quiet spot, though some new hotels are appearing.

Naithon Beach Phuket

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Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi is the end of the road. Just a few minutes drive from Kata Beach, it's home to the Kata Thani Resort and Mom Tri's Villa Royale, yet retains a quiet feeling, mainly I think because the road goes nowhere!

Kata Noi Beach

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Rawai Beach

Close to Chalong Bay, Rawai is full of small restaurants and food stalls and is a great place to rent a longtail boat to nearby islands. Not a swimming beach really, but makes a good stop off on a tour of the SW corner of Phuket.

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Layan Beach

Layan is very nice - a real beautiful spot at the far north end of Bang Tao. Part of the beach is a national park. There are a couple of resorts here, but they are built off the beach and do not detract from the beauty of the area. Very quiet. We have been a few times over the years for little BBQ's. It has been developed somewhat in 2013 - 14 with a "beach club" arriving to spoil the view.

Layan Beach (South)

More about Layan Beach

More Phuket Beaches...

Patong Beach

Not my favourite place in the world, Patong is the most developed tourist real estate in Thailand, and for the most part has not been made to look really pretty. If you are looking for full on tourism, plenty of accommodation and shopping, loads of restaurants, a shed load of bars and a beach full of beach chairs and umbrellas, Patong is the place to be! I tend to visit Patong only if necessary for business, though there are some great hotels and a few places to eat that I like and even Patong has quiet spots away from the centre of town, such as Paradise Beach. And I guess the north end of Patong is not too bad.

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Tritrang Beach Phuket

Kata Beach

Of the main beaches, Kata is more popular with younger people, and is a very scenic beach with the island of Koh Pu offshore and with lots of accommodation nearby, but very little right on the beach since most of the beach road is taken up by Club Med. Only at the South end are other places right on the beach, such as Kata Beach Resort and The Boathouse. Kata somehow retains a quiet feel despite being pretty busy. Just over the hill to the south is the even quieter Kata Noi.

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Sunset at Kata Beach Phuket

Bang Tao Beach

Home to the Laguna resorts and a couple of other hotels, but Bang Tao village is not close to the beach, so if you stay there you need to drive or take a taxi to find any local life or more dining options. The Laguna hotels are some of the best in Phuket. There are also some other great hotel options in the area - most are quite expensive resorts, though with late booking you can get a very good deal - see Bang Tao Beach Hotels.

Surin Beach

Was very quiet a few years ago, but has rapidly developed. A lot of new hotels over the last few years such as Twin Palms and the new Doubletree Resort, and a lot of condos/villas/apartments on the hillsides near the beach. Still, the beachfront is not that busy, and there are loads of small beachside restaurants. We like a small one right at the far North end. Surin is just North of Kamala. In between you find Laem Singh beach which has been touted as a quiet beach for many years and thus is not any more! In 1999 when I came here, Laem Sing was very quiet and made a nice getaway from Patong. Now, if you want quiet, I think there are better options.

Surin Beach Hotels

Running to the Sea

(above) my young boy at Surin Beach, way back in 2006

Laem Singh Beach

(above) Laem Sing Beach, year 2000. It was very quiet in those days!

OK, that’ll do for now. I have not even mentioned Mai Khao beach, Naiharn beach, Banana Beach, Freedom beach ... I guess some more "beach" blog posts are needed, and I need more spare time for blogging, but like I say, I’m not really a beach bum!

Karon Viewpoint

You can find a newer post about this viewpoint here : Phuket Viewpoint (Karon Viewpoint)

(this old post below is from 2007)

We took a little drive today from Patong to Karon and Kata, and along the winding road that leads to "The" Phuket Viewpoint (aka Karon Viewpoint). The view is one of the most famous images of Phuket, can be found on just about any website relating to Phuket, and is certainly the most visited viewpoint in Phuket. It's a short ride on a motorbike or in a tuk tuk from Kata beach. We passed half a dozen foreign couples on mopeds between Kata and the viewpoint. If you're staying in Kata or Karon, the viewpoint is a great stop off on the way to places like Naiharn beach, Promthep Cape and Rawai beach. You can make a very nice afternoon's sightseeing in this corner of the island.

There's really only one view from the Karon / Phuket Viewpoint. Just look North and you can see Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches, along with Koh Pu (the little island just off Kata). The little road that passes the viewpoint is not very busy, so you'll notice the peace and quiet. Then find your spot and look at the view to your heart's content.

Phuket Viewpoint - Kata Noi, Kata and Karon Beaches

This is the view the 'other way'

Karon Viewpoint - Google Map

View Phuket Viewpoint (Karon Viewpoint) in a larger map

Panwa Beach Resort Phuket (formerly Novotel Panwa)

Novotel is a well known hotel chain, and there are 2 in Phuket. One is located at the far North end of Patong beach (away from the main drag), the other is found at Kha Kad beach, along a quiet road down Cape Panwa, with a private beach (OK, anyone can walk on it, but there are hardly any other hotels around). I am sure the hotel is lovely, but it's the location that makes this resort my kind of place. Actually I am not 100% sure if this is still a "Novotel", must check it next time we drive this way (updated August 2012). When you see this location, you have to wonder why people want to stay in the middle of Patong! Great views from the rooms, no noise, no cars, no jet skis... We like Cape Panwa. It's a quiet area, with some great views and little back roads. Within 10 minutes of the Panwa Beach Resort you can find the Aquarium, Khao Khad Viewpoint, and a current favourite place of ours called The Beach Bar, which is a couple of minutes walk along the beach from the resort (click on the Beach Bar link to see some photos of the beach on the west side of Cape Panwa near the resort).

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Room with a view The Beach Resort Panwa

Restaurant The Beach Resort reception

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Friendship Beach Restaurant and Resort

Along the shoreline between Chalong and Rawai you can find Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort. I guess this place could go in the hotels and the restaurant section, but it's the food I am interested in! It's a quiet spot, but can be busy at the weekends, as it's a popular place with expats and their families as well as guests at the bungalows. You'll find plenty of seating around the pool and right by the beach with a view across Chalong Bay. The resort is a couple of hundred meters down from the main Chalong-Rawai road, so you get no traffic noise, no cars. In fact the only traffic I saw was horses from the nearby Phuket Riding Club!

Friendship Beach

Now, it's not the cheapest place to eat - but I think 70 Baht for Thai food is OK when you're by the beach! The menu is quite extensive with a mix of local and "western" food with daily specials. I notice that their web site claims "No MSG". There is also a western chef. We only went for snacks today - I had some delicious Apple Pie...a friend ordered Nachos - a huge plate with cheese and cream. I had a couple of glasses of cold draught Heineken. They also have a bit of a wine list. Meanwhile the kids could play in the pool.

Pool at Friendship Beach, right by the beach View across to Koh Lon from Friendship Beach

In the late afternoon, the live music starts. I've been there a few times over the years. Today we had a Thai band playing Jazz. Another time the music was more kind of Bossa Nova (not the kind of thing you expect to hear in Thailand). Another time (a few years ago), a Thai girl was singing Celine Dion songs and she was so good I thought they'd put a CD on!

It's a relaxing spot for food or drinks and snacks, oh and they do have accommodation too! There are not that many places in Phuket which are small scale and right on the beach. OK, the beach is not the best. Chalong Bay tends to be a bit murky as it's very shallow, but it's certainly uncrowded and you have the pool a stones throw from the waterline anyway. Friendship Beach also makes a good stopping off point if you're making a tour around this area of Phuket (Chalong, Rawai, Phromthep Cape etc).

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Patong Temple (Wat Patong)

The Patong you see now is nothing like the Patong of 30 years ago. Can you imagine a place with limited road access, just a small village with fishermen, farmers, rubber plantations...a place where Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet founder) says there was "an open shelter where you could camp for 3 Baht a night". How things have changed! Patong is maybe the biggest tourist trap attraction in Thailand and I am pretty sure it's the most overdeveloped beach in Thailand. However, if you know where to go, even Patong has quiet spots. There are of course some very good Patong hotels, there are plenty of restaurants and there is still an older local community, just you won't find it on the beach.

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Patong temple (Wat Suwan Khiri Wong) marks the entrance to Patong at the bottom of the hilly road that winds over from Kathu and Phuket Town. Where you have a temple you have a community and in the area around the temple and further along Phisit Karani road you'll see older houses and local people who are not involved a great deal in the goings on closer to the beach. The temple is a little haven of peace even with the main road outside.

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

It's a fairly extensive place with a main temple, a bell tower, monks quarters, dining hall and so on. Yes, there are monks at Patong temple. If you are awake early you can catch them as they walk along the road from the temple through the older part of Patong. Near the temple is a little daily street market selling veg, fresh fish and meat, which starts at dawn and is all over by 8:30am. Along the same street are many little local shops, though they now compete with a 7-11.

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Patong temple takes you back to a time when Patong was a village, when tourists had not discovered Phuket. But, look just outside and you have the new Patong:

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Patong Temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

These 2 photos above are on the main road. If you enter via the main gate you can walk or ride your bike around the grounds and will come out onto Phisit Karani road, which is the south end of the road that wiggles along the back of Patong, becoming Nanai road and is a way to avoid central Patong completely! Y'know Patong is not all bad, but I basically never hit the center unless I have a very good reason. I see Patong temple quite often, on my way to Karon Beach, climbing over the hill from Kathu, beeping my horn at the top when reaching the shrine on the hill before descending into big, bad Patong ...

Naithonburi Beach Resort at Naithon Beach

The Northwest of Phuket has some fine beaches where you can get away from the crowds. I have written about Nai Yang beach already and will be writing more on the Beaches section of this blog (after all, this is Phuket we're talking about). Last weekend after spending some time at Nai Yang, we drove along the quiet jungle road to Naithon Beach. Hopefully (weather permitting) we'll go back next weekend. I have always liked Naithon. Getting there means heading off the main roads and onto some winding back roads, and the beach still remains quiet. There is a road along the beachfront but with very little traffic. It's not a long beach, maybe 800m and there is not too much in the way of accommodation, just a few small resorts, though it is getting busier.

The Naithonburi is small and neat, not very expensive, but has facilities - a nice pool, a gym and ... Naithon beach just outside! There's a pool bar and a restaurant, one of only a few along the beach. For more dining options you'll need to take a drive! In low season, Naithon can be pretty much like a ghost town. In high season, it's a little slice of paradise.

Naithonburi Resort

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Naithonburi Room

Naithonburi Pool

Naithonburi Restaurant

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Nai Yang Beach

I wrote this blog post in 2007, now updated 2013. I have to say - we have not been to Nai Yang for ages! Need another trip in that direction soon. We live in Kathu, near Phuket Town, so it's only around a 30 minute drive, would be closer to an hour if coming from Kata or Karon beaches, or 45 minutes from Patong. If the traffic is good! There are two ways we can get there - first is head directly for the bypass and airport road, quicker but not pretty. Phuket has some big, busy roads and you do need to drive on some of these to reach the quiet places! Or, if coming from the main beaches, you can just take the coastal route via all the other beaches on the west coast. Nai Yang Beach is the closest beach to the airport.

At Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang (above) - great for plane spotters! The airport is just to the North and planes normally land over the ocean, so you can see them coming in. Despite the proximity, there is no noise. Maybe you can hear engines roar a little when planes take off, but it's nothing much. I want, one day, to make the effort to walk along the beach to the point right under the flight path.

Getting to Nai Yang by the main road, you pass the Heroines monument, go through the town of Thalang, and then you have 2 choices to reach Nai Yang by turning left either on a small side road, or waiting until you reach the main airport road. The small road heads through quiet countryside - there are lots of rubber plantations and fields of pineapples in the north of Phuket - before arriving at the entrance to the newly refurbished 5 star The Slate Resort which is way down the south end of Nai Yang. Then follow a narrow road and you'll come to the beach.

At Nai Yang Beach

At Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang is a beach of many parts. The central area has other hotels aside from The Slate, such as Nai Yang Beach Resort. It is quite crowded down here at times with little restaurants right on the beach such as Batik Seafood - crowded but quiet. You can sit down right by the sand and enjoy a drink.

At Nai Yang Beach

(above) My Mum, Dad and my kids at Nai Yang Beach

Further south are a couple of slightly more remote hotels - L'esprit de Nai Yang and Imperial Adamas Beach Resort. Inland there are a number of smaller guesthouses which are ideal for a stay close to the airport.

At the other end of the beach, closer to the airport, is protected National Park land. It's very green, trees everywhere. Quiet, clean, no food stalls or restaurants except a few tiny stalls selling eggs and drinks. There are normally lots of longtail boats in the water, with fishermen coming and going, and local kids splashing around. It's a popular area with locals for picnics... so when I say "clean", well not everyone packs their rubbish home with them.

At Nai Yang Beach

At Nai Yang Beach

At Nai Yang Beach

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Nai Yang Beach - Location Map

View Nai Yang Beach, Phuket in a larger map

Restaurant Tips: Chili

Now this restaurant is a real locals/expats place. Well off the tourist beaches, Chili is found right on the main airport road, just past Boat Lagoon on the left side as you head to the airport. I can't imagine many tourists would stop here, and true enough if you want a nice view this ain't it!

For a 2009 update on Chili, scroll down to the comments section...

Chili restaurant

We stopped there yesterday after a drive round the Northwest of Phuket. We'd been to Nai Yang Beach, driven past Naithon beach and stopped at Layan Beach. All these beaches will be on the blog soon! It was a wet afternoon but fortunately we could park right outside and the staff came running out with an umbrella for us. Inside the restaurant is nothing fancy, but spotless and airconditioned (we turned it off yesterday, as it was not a hot day at all).

I ate the most delicious Massaman curry - 80 Baht for a dish which could feed 2 people, but I admit to being a greedy guts. My wife had a fish curry, my daughter had some excellent spaghetti. There was only us in the place, they do get busier in the week actually especially late afternoon. The fancy British International School is nearby, as is the "Chuan Chuen Lagoon" village (lots of very nice houses) - many of the kids and families eat at this place after school. Fish and Chips is a favourite, but I really suggest you try the Thai food here.

Inside Chili restaurant

If you're in that area, I'd also suggest stopping at Boat Lagoon (unless you don't like boats). Boat Lagoon is an odd place. You step into Europe and out of Thailand. There are swanky waterside apartments, a hotel (we have used the pool there), and lots and lots of boats. There's a nice little cafe called The Bakery where you can get fresh bread, salads, coffee, cakes etc.. I have done a piece on Boat Lagoon for this blog.

Restaurant Tips - The Beach Bar (Cape Panwa)

We are always looking for quiet, out of the way places to eat (preferably with sea view), and I know there are more to find yet! I should note that the restaurant tips on this blog are not necessarily the "best" (i.e. the fanciest and most expensive) restaurants in Phuket, they are places that we like. Many of them we visit regularly, and The Beach Bar might become one of our favourite lunch spots. We tend to look for places which are off the tourist beaches and won't cost a kings ransom for a meal. Now there are a few places in Patong Beach that I like, and I should add a little section for these in the near future - even there you can find little hideaways - but in general we keep off the main beaches.

Beachside entrance to The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar is located in Cape Panwa, just 100m along the beach from the Panwa Beach Resort. To get there, take the road from Phuket Town to the Aquarium (Sakdidet Road), and turn off onto a small side road on the right which has a sign to the Novotel. It’s a narrow road going through a quiet Muslim village and you may wonder if you took a wrong turn, but keep the faith… You pass a road heading up to Khao Kad viewpoint and will pass a small restaurant overlooking the sea on the right (we have also eaten here and it’s decent). Then you come to the Novotel, and just after this there’s a right turn onto a steep dirt road down to the Beach Bar.

View of The Beach Bar from the beach

Now, it’s not the fanciest of places, but we found it friendly and it’s right by the sea, and the food is good and inexpensive. We went on New Years Eve for lunch and decided to go again today! The location is very quiet. There’s not much traffic down Cape Panwa and most of what there is sticks to the main road rather than the side roads. The beach is, shall we say...uncrowded… but is not really any good for swimming as it’s way too rocky (see photos). I guess the place gets some customers from the Novotel who have taken a walk along the beach. We noticed the same Australian couple in there yesterday and today (so they must agree with us!)

View along the beach at high tide. Not very crowded

View along the beach in direction of Panwa Beach Resort< We ate Tom Yam, Fried chicken with garlic, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, 2 lots of fried rice (hey, we’re 2 hungry adults and my 5 year old daughter normally eats a full adult portion), sank down half a dozen cokes, and the bill today was I believe 460 Baht (I think that could have fed 4 adults, but hey! It’s New Year!) Happy New Year from Phuket! Signs on the beach at low tide

Update: February 2007. We've been to the Beach Bar quite a few times in the last 2 months. It really is a relaxing, unpretentious, friendly place. The owners are so nice (it's a family thing) and the last couple of times a friend of the owner has been there playing guitar - things like the Pogues and Cat Stevens. I had to blink when I heard him singing songs like "Dirty Old Town"! The owners son worships the guitar man, and when we were there this last weekend, his dad had just bought him a guitar - see below. Apparently he always wanted to be a football player, now he wants to be a singer...

Update: November 2007 - after being closed for ages, The Beach Bar is now open again, just moved about 20 meters along the beach closer to Novotel. We just went again on 24th November (See entry on Phuket Weather Blog).

Guitar Man at the Beach Bar

The owners son helps out...

Both the owners sons join in!

** This blog page is from 2007 - for an updated page on this restaurant see The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa