Einen ordentlichen Schlag reingehauen...


auch der Dauernieselregen hat uns nicht abhalten können, in der Zwischenzeit das Dach vom Hexereibedarfsstand fertig zu decken - naja, zugegeben, hier drin ist's ja auch trocken. *grins* Schaut mal, so sieht das aus, nachdem das ganze Dach mit unseren Bündeln zugedeckt war.

Und hier noch mal von hinten:

Aber damit noch nicht genug, die Farbe war natürlich noch nicht so ganz das, was Birgit vorschwebte. Also hat sie ihren Aquarellkasten rausgeholt und angefangen, ordentlich rumzukleckern. Agent Flutterby hat alles genau beobachtet, eine Schicht beige, dann anthrazit, moosgrün und zum Schluß dunkelbraun. Hier haben wir mal eine Aufnahme gemacht, nachdem nur das hintere Dachteil bemalt war, da sieht man den Unterschied ganz gut.

Leider verfälscht der Blitz die Farben ein wenig, aber besser ging's nicht zu knipseln. Als nächstes hat Birgit dann noch die Steine am Boden angepinselt. Und eine Lichterkette installiert unter Zuhilfenahme einer Blätterranke, damit man das Kabel nicht so sieht. Und eine Abschlussleiste auf dem Dach hat's auch noch gegeben - und nun sieht der Stand so aus. Tadaaaaaa...

Magica ist sehr zufrieden mit ihrem Verkaufsstand, und das ist ja die Hauptsache, dass es unserer Bärchenhexe gefällt. Ich find's auch toll, obwohl ich mehr dafür gewesen wäre, hier einen Verkaufsstand für Erdbeertorten aufzumachen, aber Magica muss ja auch von irgendwas leben *zwinker*. Ach ja, eine Aufnahme habe ich noch:


Eigentlich wollte ich Euch ja noch zeigen, wie Birgit das Ende der Dachleiste kaschiert hat, aber die Fotos sind nichts geworden. Wenn der Knipselapparat gut gelaunt ist, holen wir das beim nächsten Mal nach. Und nach all dieser Fleißarbeit kommt jetzt das Schönste: Einräumen und Dekorieren! Herrlich!!! Ich halte Euch auf dem Laufenden, Agentenehrenwort! ;O)

Liebe Grüße
Euer Flutterby

Vegetarian Procession and World Photo Walk 2nd October

On Sunday October 2nd, I was in Phuket Town nice and early (about 7:30am) with Mum and Dad for 2 reasons... Of course, the vegetarian festival was on from 26th September - 6th October, and on the morning of the 2nd was one of the big street processions from the Bang Neow shrine in Phuket Town - I was in town last year for the procession from this shrine and got lots of good photos - see Bang Neow Shrine Vegetarian Procession 2010. Also, October 2nd was the date of the Worldwide Photo Walk, something which I have done in 2010 and 2009. Groups of photographers all over the world take a walk in their home towns all on the same day - more info at the Worldwide Photo Walk website.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is (I think) somewhat misunderstood. The images that come out of the festival are normally those of pierced faces. And for sure that's what I have concentrated on for the last couple of years. The blood and the shock value is certainly a real part of the festival and the last post on this blog from Sam Kong shrine shows a lot of the piercings. This year I have already tried to show more of the festival - the opening pole raising ceremony and an evening procession in Kathu village have been blogged with hardly any blood in sight! And for this photowalk day I also decided to try and look more at the tradition and the respect shown by the local people to those in the processions. In other words, more photos of the people watching rather than the pierced faces.

Respect the Traditions

This lady was sitting outside her house on Thalang road in the old town. I spotted her from across the road and a Thai photographer was already hard at work on her.. so I joined in. Sometimes older folks don't really like being photographed, but she was very gracious and did not mind a couple of lenses in her face as the procession passed. She will have seen a lot of changes in Phuket. There won't have been too many foreigners about when she was a kid, but I felt from her that the vegetarian festival means something very real. This is not a sideshow or event for tourism.

Not all of the Ma Song have pierced faces. The guy below was half walking, half running along the street waving his flag to scare off evil spirits and stopping at some of the small shrines set up outside houses and shops. He took a drink at this shrine. Sometimes the Ma Song will take a piece of fruit from a shrine which will be given to people along the procession route or placed on another household shrine. One of the Ma Song handed me a whole bunch of bananas! Having no place to put them I left them at the house I was standing next to.

Ma Song takes a drink

Having woken early with no breakfast and after a while walking in the hot early morning sun, I was ready for breakfast. On Thalang road there are quite a few small restaurants, and a favourite of mine is the Kopitiam restaurant where they always have good food, and during the vegetarian festival were doing some very tasty dishes. We ate in there several times during the festival week! Around 8am I ordered Hokkien Mee - a very local style noodle dish.

Mee Hokkien, vegetarian style

The Kopitiam restaurant is a family run place. The same family owns the herbal medicine shop next door and the Wilai restaurant next door to that! Very nice people, there are several generations of family living here, which is the typical Thai way. The old folks are looked after by the young folks. There are always a few of the older generation around Kopitiam, some of whom are well into their 90's!


From my seat in the restaurant I had a ringside view of the Ma Song who stopped to bless Kopitiam and the family at their temporary shrine. There are more festival photos taken by the family on the Kopitiam Facebook Page.

Roadside Shrine, Thalang Road

Hmmm, no bloody pierced faces yet? I'll be sure to put that right in the next blog post which will be about the Kathu Shrine procession which took place on 4th October. Meanwhile, here are a couple of characters from the 2nd October procession. Sometimes you don't know where to look in these processions, there is so much going on, and if you have never seen it before, it certainly is overwhelming.


Hello my friend!

The noise, the firecrackers, the strange faces, the smoke from the incense, the white clothes, the rituals... not just overwhelming for first timers .. I tried to snap some pictures of kids watching from the sidelines who were maybe not 100% enjoying the morning :) But they are learning. They are learning about the festival from their families, learning the traditions and the history. The vegetarian festival is alive and well and is being handed down to the next generation.

Firecrackers? No thanks!

The photo above is the one I decided to upload as my "entry" to the Worldwide Photo Walk competition. Her face says a lot! I know that the vegetarian festival may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for me, this IS Phuket. Not the beaches and 5 star resorts and bars and nightlife and elephant rides and snorkeling, but this is the real old Phuket that can be hard to find.

The procession on October 2nd was all but over by about 9:30am, and I headed to the very nice Cafe 154, part of the Royal Phuket City Hotel, where all the photo walk participants were due to meet. A chance to compare pictures, compare cameras, catch up with friends and have some very nice coffee. You can see more photos from this years photowalk on 2nd October on Tim's Blog, on Diane's website, on my Mum's blog (!) and on the Flickr Group for Phuket photographers. After a drink or two, we posed for a photo ...

Phuket's 2011 Photo Walkers

More vegetarian festival coming soon! ... Meanwhile you can check my latest photos here: Jamie in Phuket on Flickr. And please do join the Jamie's Phuket Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter!

iSad over iCon's death

I am not a member of iPhone fan club. I never will be. But I know there are  people who derive their sense of self worth from the iPhone model they own. Just like there are teenage college boys who are obsessed with the size of their gadget. This world is made of all kinds of people. Let's not hold that against an work of art and its creator. (To be clear, I am talking just about iPhone and Steve jobs here.)

Technology is a child of truth. Beauty had always been in scarse supply there. That is, till Steve jobs came along. He fused them together in a way not known before and in a way that has not been surpassed since. Sure, Google puts out stuff that has touch of beauty. But that is beauty of elegance - not for everybody. It is for people who enjoy the symmetry of equations in Minkowski space time model. (I made that up. But you get the idea, right?)

It's a pity that Steve Jobs was kicked out of apple the first time. Had he been there, Computers would have been very different today. I am talking about windows - a search dog that scratches itself and a paper clip that rolls its eyes were their attempts to be human friendly! How hard would it have been for him to surpass that? But the loss of computer industry turned out to be the benefit of animation film and phone industry. And his latest product, ipad, may even start the decline of computers in household.

Fifty six is not an age to die. Not for anybody. Definitely not for the rock star of the tech world. But we don't get to decide these things. All we can say is, 'Hey, Phone companies up there! Watch out for the new kid.'

Quote Of The Day:
iLove iPhone. iPod,iPad. iLove I .
From Funny Side Of Life
Here's my slightly different opinion of Steve Jobs. (It was for a contest for Indiblogger. But it is a true opinion too.)

Kaffeeklatsch (Nr. 70)


diese Woche war es natürlich an mir, den Sonntagsnachmittagskaffeeklatsch zu übernehmen. Klar, wo letzte Woche Rosey war, kann ich ja eigentlich nicht weit weg sein. Wir Blumenbärchen müssen ja zusammen halten *zwinker*

Und jetzt, wo die Temperaturen doch schon deutlich in den Keller gehen, die Blätter an den Bäumen nicht nur herrlich bunt werden sondern auch in Massen in den Garten rieseln - da sollte man es sich doch am Nachmittag richtig schön kuschlig machen mit lecker Sonntagsnachmittagskaffee und noch leckererem Sonntagsnachmittagskuchen. Ich wünsche Euch nachher ganz viel Spaß dabei - und eine schöne Woche, die wünsche ich Euch natürlich auch.

Liebe Grüße

Eure Bluebell

Home at Last, Home at Last...

Paraphrasing the closing words of Martin Luther King’s famous speech, which he in turn borrowed from an old Negro spiritual…

Home at last, home at last
Ever so thankful to be home at last

With Cookie in tow on our village walk
Me and my wife will sweetly talk

On my knees I was when time pass’s by
Tho’t my soul would rise and fly

On this morning, so bright and fair
Goin’ wake to see home and breath fresh country air

Home at last, home at last
Thankfully I’m home at last

Arriving in Hawaii, I found myself ensconced in my ridge-line abode high above the pacific ocean, with a beautiful view of Diamond Head and the sunset. This was to be my home for the duration of my stay in Hawaii. Located in a gated community, my accommodation was far from spartan and I had the whole house to myself. The day after I arrived my hosts, family friends, left on an extended trip leaving me in the position of house-sitter, I guess you could say.
Morning View of Diamond Head

Evening View

This of course is not where the story begins but after moaning about my travel angst and the fatigue of the first few days I thought better of it and spared you that part of the story. After picking up my father’s car, getting a temporary phone sim-card and settling into some semblance of a routine, with daily conversations with my wife back in Chiang Rai, I eventually made myself at home. Making my own bed, feeding myself and doing the laundry took me back to my bachelor days and greatly enhanced my appreciation for all my lovely wife does for me.

Running around Diamond Head on several occasions at sunset also contributed to my remaining sane. Making use of a very fast internet connection, I am returning home with a library of high-definition movies and series that should keep me entertained for a while. Sure hope their internet provider doesn’t impose any download limits, that I may have inadvertently exceeded.
Waikiki Sunset
Kapiolani Park

Diamond Head Sunset

I was taken aback by my reaction to life in both Bangkok and Honolulu as well as being separated from my wife. Throw in concern over the deteriorating health of my aging parents and the uncertainty of what comes next, and I was a bit of a mess and far from my normally blissful self. I guess my tolerance level for stress and irritation has been eroded by my idyllic life in the village.

With much to do and little time to do it there was nothing for it but to jump right in. There was only one outstanding project as time wound down but I was overly optimistic in thinking I could get that done in the time allotted. So it appears that my trip was a success if measured by things accomplished.

My mother of course did not know who I was and recent attempts to modify her medication left her far from receptive to our visits. While I understood the situation, my father was noticeably distressed that our visits with mother didn’t go better. After all I had flown halfway around the world to see her, in his mind. The truth is I had come for him and to do what I could to bolster his moral.
Everlasting Love

The Despair of Dementia

I am relieved that he seems to have agreed to sell his car and stop driving. That was an issue of concern, often brought up by others and which is a delicate matter signifying a major loss of independence for the elderly.  More tasks were automated and delicate matters discussed.  Clothes were bought, which found me in an unfamiliar position of dresser, down on my hands and knees, helping my father with the laborious task of dressing and undressing.  His reactions were classic and will not be soon forgotten by this son.

I treat each phone call and visit as if it could be the last, trying to move forward with a clear conscience and calm heart, but who knows how I will respond in the end.  For now I am satisfied that I am doing what I can.  I have no read on where the rest of my somewhat formal and distant family stands but that is beyond the scope of my control or influence.

Returning to Bangkok was no less torturous than the trip over, except for the fact that I was looking forward to what awaited me at journeys end.  Even the concrete jungle that is Bangkok was somehow less oppressive walking again hand in hand with my wife.  It wasn’t until the plane neared Chiang Rai and we could see the lush green fields below that I finally took a deep breath and felt that I was nearing home.

The last few weeks are quickly fading to a distant memory so I must post this before the present clouds all recollection of recent events.

Home at last, home at last
Thankfully I’m home at last

Hula mit Besen auf dem Dach


Ihr habt ja fleißig geraten, wozu all unsere Borstenbündel gut sein könnten, und neben sehr kreativen Ansätzen sind einige auch auf die richtige Lösung gekommen. Ja, Besengroßhandel - das wäre auch mal eine Idee gewesen, da gibt's bei Hexen und Zauberern bestimmt eine große Nachfrage... und Hula macht 'ne Menge Spaß. Wie Ihr hier auf dem Bild sehen könnt, wären unsere Bündel dafür durchaus tauglich gewesen *grins*

Aber nein, alle die auf Dach getippt haben, lagen richtig. Genauer gesagt, ein Reetdach - sehr typisch für uns in Norddeutschland (Unsere Nachbarn gegenüber haben auch eines, die tun mir an jedem Silvester richtig leid), aber u. a. auch in Britannien auf dem Land verbreitet und daher perfekt für mein Cottage. Und Kathy von Wee Little West hat sogar messerscharf erkannt, womit unsere Dächer gedeckt werden; diese Borsten gibt's im Fachhandel für die Landschaftsgestaltung im Modelleisenbahnbereich.

Birgit hatte noch jede Menge übrig von früher, da hat sie diese Fisseldinger zum ersten Mal verwendet, für den Teich von unserem Bärchengarten. So ist ihr dann die fatale (weil arbeitsintensive) Idee gekommen, zwei Reetdächer zu machen.

Nun werden all diese Naturborsten gebündelt und zum Dachdecken genutzt, und auf dem Stand von Magica de Spell sieht das dann - zumindest für den Anfang - so aus:

Und hier noch mal von der Rückseite:

Wie das Ganze dann fertig aussieht, zeige ich Euch voraussichtlich das nächste Mal *zwinker*

Liebe Grüße

Euer Flutterby

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine

WARNING - Graphic content, blood and pierced faces. May not be everyone's cup of tea :)

Every morning for a week during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival there are big street processions in Phuket Town, plus a few local processions near the shrines themselves. I always try to see at least a couple of the big processions. The main crowds are around old Phuket Town, which makes for a big spectacle especially with all the firecrackers, but I also like to get to some shrines before they start walking. Several reasons for this... Photos - it's easier to take a photo when someone is sitting down, harder during a procession when they are moving and there are crowds. Also, on a sunny day, they start early and it's not so hot.. plus if I am working that day, I can get to the shrine and easily get to work on time. Mum and Dad were visiting from England - this would be their first taste of the face piercing. We were at Sam Kong shrine (in the north side of Phuket Town) not long after 6am on September 30th. Yes, you do have to wake up early to see something special :)

The entranced Ma Song prepare themselves inside the shrine before they get pierced all around the grounds of the shrine. We arrived pretty early - no piercing was taking place, but suddenly within about 15 minutes, the Ma Song were all over the shrine and for a photographer it was hard to know where to look .. later on, looking at other people's photos there was lots of "Oh! I didn't see that!" - the photos below show rather graphically what goes on at these shrines in the early morning.

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine 30th September

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine 30th September

It's not that they don't feel pain, but I am told that the Ma Song do somehow entrance themselves to feel less pain. Actually the pain and suffering is a good thing. As they walk through the villages and Phuket Town, the Ma Song bless the local people, and their pain gives good luck to the people. Not everyone can be a Ma Song. Locals can't just turn up at the shrine and start cutting cheeks. They are carefully chosen and I imagine it must be quite an honour. At Sam Kong shrine, only men can be Ma Song. Some other shrines like Kathu and Jui Tui also have women.

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine 30th September

Sam Kong also tries to be a bit more traditional with the piercings - encouraging the use of less elaborate items - in recent years it does seem that some Ma Song, especially the younger ones, try more and more crazy piercings, perhaps to feel more pain for the people, perhaps just to get their picture in the paper! The guy below is getting pierced with a more traditional spike...

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine 30th September

The guy below is going more for the "look at me" style of piercing and will surely have more photographers snapping him than a guy with simple spikes through his cheeks. Sure, a garden spade, why not?

Spade Head

Face Piercing at Sam Kong Shrine 30th September

There is far more to the festival than the piercings of course, but most photographers (including me) tend to focus on the blood. It's hard not to look. The camera develops a life of it's own! But this year, as you may see from the pages about the opening ceremonies and the evening procession in Kathu, I am trying to show more of the traditional aspects of the festival... especially concentrating on Kathu as it's our local shrine. Sam Kong is also only a few km from our house. The area around Kathu and Sam Kong was where the festival began in the 19th century before Phuket Town was the administrative center of Phuket island. The traditions run very deep here.

Vegetarian Festival Traditions

As the pierced Ma Song left the shrine for the walk into Phuket Town, the statues of the gods were blessed. I think the picture above shows something of the respect shown to the gods. As a group of Ma Song bless a shrouded god image, everyone in the shrine crouched down to pray. We were in the shrine for about 1 hour. The last of the Ma Song and the gods being carried by young men left the shrine by about 7:15am. It's smoky, noisy and rather intense. A couple of foreign ladies had to go sit down. As I say, not for everyone, but still my favourite festival and .. this is the real Phuket. Tourists have been here about 30 years. The origins of the Phuket Vegetarian festival date back to 1825. Next blog page will concentrate on one of the big processions in town from Bang Neow shrine which took place on October 2nd.



wir hoffen, Ihr hattet ein schönes Wochenende - für alle unsere deutschen Freunde war es ja sogar extralang. Und das Wetter hat es auch gut mit uns gemeint - wobei es heute schon wieder etwas eingetrübt ist. Naja, ist halt die Zeit, dann muss man es sich eben notfalls drinnen gemütlich machen... Kerze an, lecker heiße Honigmilch oder Kakao... ach ja... *seufz*

Aber bevor wir ans Genießen auch nur denken dürfen, ist vorher noch mal Bärchenpower angesagt. Da bekanntermaßen mein zweiter Vorname Gentlebär ist, helfe ich meiner Birgit ganz fleißig bei den Arbeiten, die für unsere Projekte derzeit so anstehen. Dabei gewinne ich immer mehr den Eindruck, dass der Hexereibedarfsstand sehr viel weiter oben auf der Prioritätenliste steht als mein Cottage... jaja, Halloween ist nicht mehr fern und Magica de Spell würde da gerne schon ein wenig Umsatz machen. Und weil ich dafür absolut Verständnis habe und eben ein Gentlebär bin, helfe ich Birgit und nehme ihr all die Bündel ab, die sie gerade fleißig und wie am Fließband produziert.

Tja, das monatliche Kalenderumblättern bringt ordentlich Schmalz in die Bärchenarme *kicher* Die Bündel werden dann erst mal zwischengelagert, bis sie dann endgültig an ihren Bestimmungsort kommen.

 Das, was Ihr hier seht, ist nur ein kleiner Teil dessen, was nötig ist - aber wofür es nötig ist, das zeige ich Euch ein anderes Mal. Aber vermutlich habt Ihr ohnehin längst erraten, wofür diese Bündelei gut sein könnte... *zwinker*

Eine schöne Woche und liebe Grüße
Euer Flutterby

Street procession for the Birth and Death Gods

On the 3rd night of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, our local shrine in Kathu village has a small street procession around the village which the schedules tell me is for "Propitiation of the Birth-Death Gods". The last few years I have heard long bursts of firecrackers on this 3rd night, and last year had a quick look to see what was going on. This year, I took the camera! Luckily we arrived early. My schedules said the procession would be 7:30pm, but as we parked the car down a side street just after 7pm, the sound of firecrackers started and we raced out to the main street (not a very busy road) as the procession started to pass.

Carrying gods through Kathu village

This year during the vegetarian festival I am trying to concentrate a bit less on the blood and pierced faces, though there will be more photos of that later... last years photos (see Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2010 on Flickr) had a good mix. The strange piercings are hard to ignore, but that was not a problem on this warm evening in Kathu - the statues of the gods were carried through the old Kathu village and various Ma Song (the entranced spirit mediums) walked along the streets too.

Ma Song in Kathu village

The main focus of the procession - yes, firecrackers. I walked along with my Mum and Dad and found a house with stacks of bamboo poles hung with long lines of firecrackers ready to be dangled over the street at the god statues were carried past. This looks like a good place to stand! Mum and Dad had not experienced quite so many firecrackers before.

Carrying gods through Kathu village

Street Procession in Kathu Village 28th September 2011

I love this! A bit hard to take a photo - it's dark and the firecrackers flash and bang, it's hard to see what you are looking at, and the smoke creates a .. well, a smokescreen at times that the camera can't see through. It's shoot and hope for photographers and then a bit of photoshop to enhance the image. Often looks better in black and white. I love being right there as the onlookers throw great big packets of fireworks into the street. I love to be right in the middle of it! This was just a small local procession. No tourists here (except me, Mum and Dad!) - we like heading into Kathu, as it's my local shrine, we know quite a few people, and it's always much quieter than the main Phuket Town shrines, but they do know how to set off firecrackers!

Carrying gods through Kathu village

Street Procession in Kathu Village 28th September 2011

Next blog post will have some pierced faces .. we went to Sam Kong shrine early morning, just after 6am on September 30th for the start of their big procession including face piercing taking place right there in the shrine :)

Kaffeeklatsch (Nr. 69)


es ist ja fast unfassbar, was wir hier derzeit für ein herrliches Wetter haben... vermutlich eine klitzekleine Wiedergutmachung für entgangene Sommerfreuden, bevor dann wieder ein langer, harter Winter einsetzt... *seufz* Aber im Moment scheint das noch so weit weg zu sein, dabei sind's eigentlich nur noch wenige Wochen bis zur Adventszeit - und noch viel weniger Wochen bis Halloween. Magica de Spell freut sich jetzt schon...

Aber ich, ich erfreue mich lieber an den letzten Rosen, die noch so herrlich blühen. Erfreulich ist natürlich auch immer aufs Neue ein schöner Sonntagsnachmittagskaffeeklatsch - und dabei wünsche ich Euch nachher viel Spaß, bei leckerem Sonntagsnachmittagskaffee und noch leckererem Sonntagsnachmittagskuchen. Vielleicht in einem schönen Ausflugslokal als Belohnung nach einem Waldspaziergang oder schön gemütlich auf der heimischen Terrasse, wo auch immer - genießt den Sonntag.

Ich wünsche Euch einen wunderschönen Rest-Sonntag (der für uns in Deutschland ja glatte 24 Stunden länger ist als sonst - naja, unsereiner hat nichts davon. Für uns Bärchen ist immer Sonntag), eine wunderschöne Woche und einen tollen Start in den Monat. Und einen guten Tipp habe ich auch noch für Euch: Es ist immer wichtig, sich Zeit zu nehmen, um stehen zu bleiben und an den Rosen zu schnuppern. Das ist zwar nicht von mir, aber als Rosenexpertin weiß ich genau, dass das ein richtig guter Rat ist *zwinker*

Liebe Grüße
Euere Rosey

Gandhi - Movie, Man, Symbol

It's another Ganthi jayanthi day. Few quotes, some pictures of Gandhi will float around for next couple of days. What is your first reaction when you see one of them? Do you search for the like button? Do you feel bad that another holiday has come on the weekend? Do you remember the brilliance of Ben Kingsley? I feel a sense of inadequacy. I don't have answers to the moral problems I face. I love Gandhi. I really do! But is it okay to download Gandhi torrent? The real dvd sells at 499 Rupees.

I also feel that it's high time they honour Gandhi.

Gandhi didn't get a Nobel. And he will never. Because they don't give it posthumously.So we should at least confer the second best honor on him. Make him a symbol of something. Just like that dove and olive branch thing. But what could we make him as a symbol of? Non violence? Freedom?

It's going to be a difficult decision. Gandhi is an embodiment of so many different virtues that he can't be a symbol of any one single thing. In fact, his followers find that they are better off choosing a convenient subset of Mahatma's qualities to strive for. Like, Brahmins love his idea of vegetarianism. Needy people have chosen his simplicity to aspire for. And Brahmacharya is the goal of everybody right till they hit the age twelve.

Maybe, we should be guided by Narendra Modi's recent example in this matter. He chose the single most value that Gandhi could bring to his life - Symbolic value. But he was not the first. That praise should go to Mont Blanc. They announced a 11 lakh rupees limited edition pen as a tribute on Gandhi's birthday couple of years back. Mont Blanc was widely criticized in Indian media. It went a long way in establishing Mont Blanc as a premium brand of unnecessary luxury items in India. Retailers also love the symbolic value Gandhi brings. They have a great discount sale going on every Gandhi Jayanthi.

So that's settled. They should make Gandhi as a symbol of all things that are.. well, of just symbolic value. Goverment of India, when they are done with these symbolic gestures of bringing back Gandhi's pens and pencils to India should do the one real thing that will make Indians proud. They should make a representation to I don't know who - World body of symbols or Dove and Olive branch committee or U.N, and make Gandhi as the symbol of all symbolic things.

Quote of the day:
Gandhi is like pure gold. Difficult to work with if jewelery is what you are after.

Willkommen im Oktober


so, nun ist es so weit - nun haben wir den Oktober und damit schon wieder das letzte Quartal des Jahres zu fassen. Unglaublich, wo ist denn bloß die Zeit geblieben? Na, dann mal nichts wie ran ans Werk, um Birgit wie jeden Monat bei der Akutalisierung ihrer vielen Kalender zu helfen. Unser Sprüchekalender kommt uns diesen Monat mit einem schönen Zitat von Mahatma Gandhi: "Wenn ich das Wunder des Sonnenuntergangs oder die Schönheit des Mondes bewundere, weitet sich meine Seele in der Ehrfurcht vor dem Schöpfer." *seufz* Sooooooo schön formuliert...

Dann wollen wir mal schauen, was ich Euch aus Birgits Zitatenschatztruhe noch so mit auf den Weg in den neuen Monat geben kann. Diesen hier vielleicht, von Anton Tschechow: "Die Natur ist ein sehr gutes Beruhigungsmittel." Hmmmmm, schon was dran, obwohl die zur Zeit spektakuläre Baumfärbung für mich auch durchaus etwas Aufregendes hat *grins* Nun, halten wir es vielleicht mit Henry David Thoreau, der hat gemeint: "Die Frage ist nicht, was man betrachtet, sondern was man sieht." Und der französische Schriftsteller Jules Renard hat festgestellt: "Es gibt Augenblicke, in denen gelingt uns alles. Kein Grund zu erschrecken: Das geht vorüber." In dem Zusammenhang fällt mir ja auch Goethes Faust ein, wie war das noch, der Augenblick soll verweilen, weil er so schön ist... obwohl, in dem Moment sollte ja dann Mephisto seine Seele bekommen...

Na, wir haben's wesentlich besser als Dr. Faust, wir können den Augenblick unbeschwert genießen. Und ich wünsche Euch allen, dass Ihr dazu im Oktober viele Gelegenheiten haben werdet und dass das Wetter es weiterhin so gut mit uns meint. Ein schöner goldener Oktober, das wäre doch mal was!

Einen schönen Oktober also, eine tolle kommende Woche und ein wunderschönes Wochenende (das für uns in Deutschland ja sogar einen Tag länger ist) - all das wünsche ich Euch!

Liebe Grüße
Euer Flutterby