Oh Mann, die nächste Kartentauschrunde steht vor der Tür. Gestern hat mich die 1.Karte erreicht und ich habe euch noch nicht mal die Karten vom letzten Monat und nicht alle meiner Geburtstagskarten gezeigt.

Hier daher ein paar weitere Geburtstagskarten.

Diese hier hat mir die liebe Antje gebastelt.

Diese hier ist von der lieben Angelika
Und diese Karte hat mir die liebe Beate gemacht und geschickt.

Ich habe mich über jede einzelen riesig gefreut.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße


Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket

Several times on the Phuket blog, I have blogged the Top 10 Hotels in Phuket, the list being based mostly on TripAdvisor rankings (for want of anything better). The hotels in the most recent list are all styles and all over the island, but mostly 4 - 5 star resorts .. I mean it's a list of the best hotels, so you'd expect them to be classy! TripAdvisor is not perfect, anyone can leave a review, there's no way to check if the reviewer actually stayed at the hotel, but I would hope that on average things even out, though results can be skewed by smaller hotels which actively pursue TripAdvisor reviews. A hotel might be great, but get less reviews simply because they don't ask guests to leave a review. Anyway, we digress... Blog readers gave me some suggestions to do some different "top 10 hotel" lists for families, couples or low budget hotels. So here goes...

On this page you'll find a list of the Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket, again based on current TripAdvisor rankings. For each hotel there are links for checking rates online, for booking and availability - On this blog I recommend for hotels in Phuket. For each hotel there's also a link to reviews on Agoda (where available) - and only people who have booked the hotel through Agoda can make the review (I use Agoda myself and leave reviews). With all the reviews on Agoda and/or TripAdvisor, you get a very wide range of opinions. Sure there may be other good family hotels that are not on this list, please do send me a message on Facebook if you have stayed in a good family resort in Phuket, every opinion counts!

Top 10 Phuket Family Hotels

1. Andara Resort and Villas (Kamala Beach)


A 5 star resort, on the hillside near Kamala Beach with luxury villas. I'm a bit surprised to see this rated as the top family hotel, but it does provide relaxation in comfort for the whole family, and since it's individual villas with private pools, suits families as well as couples. Andara resort is not right on the beach - it's on the hillside. Many of the villas have great seaviews

Andara Resort & Villas - Online Booking
Andara Resort Reviews

2. Rising Sun Residence (Chalong)

Rising Sun Residence

Rising Sun Residence is also not a beachfront hotel - it has 12 villas in the hills of Chalong overlooking Chalong Bay and Chalong Temple. There are seven 3 bedroom villas - some of these have a private pool and jacuzzi, kitchen and large living room. There are also five 1 bedroom villas arranged around a large pool with sun deck and jacuzzi. Long way from the main beaches, more of a "home away from home" and would be a good idea to rent a car if you stay here.

Rising Sun Residence - Online Booking
Rising Sun Residence Reviews

3. Kantary Bay Hotel (Cape Panwa)

Kantary Bay Hotel

The Cape Panwa area is south of Phuket Town, well away from the main Phuket beaches, an area that we really like. Kantary Bay Hotel is right by the Phuket Aquarium, and the hotel has studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom suites. All suites have a living room and kitchenette. Seeing a trend here? Family hotels are not the standard "room" - it's nice to have something more like an apartment so you can be a bit more independent.

Kantary Bay Hotel - Online Booking
Kantary Bay Hotel Reviews

4. Pacific Club Resort (Karon Beach)

Pacific Club Resort

The Pacific Club Resort is a long time favourite and seems to often rank highly, despite (again, thats 4 out of 4 so far) not being by the beach. It's about 10 minutes walk down the hill to the sands of Karon Beach. The hotel is in the hills, with seaviews and green views. There are normal rooms and also 1 and 2 bedroom suites. The restaurant is also meant to be very good and I must try it one day!

Pacific Club Resort - Online Booking
Pacific Club Resort Reviews

5. JW Marriott (Mai Khao Beach)

JW Marriott

I think everyone knows the Marriott brand? Actually there are 2 different hotels in the top 10 - Marriott Beach Club and the JW Marriott Resort, so I combine them here. Marriott is at Mai Khao Beach - north of the airport and a long way from the main tourist areas or Phuket Town (like 40 - 50km away). A place to relax. Mai Khao Beach is very uncrowded. I'd advise on car hire if you stay here to get out and explore, especially as dining options nearby are limited.

JW Marriott - Online Booking
JW Marriott Reviews
Marriott Phuket Beach Club - Online Booking

6. Cape Panwa Hotel

Cape Panwa Hotel

Another hotel at Cape Panwa - the Cape Panwa Hotel is an older hotel, has a little private beach and I know the guest relations manager, so if you book here say hello to Tim. He's very helpful arranging trips and knows plenty about Phuket. The hotel has a variety of suites of different sizes, many with seaviews, and the Cape Panwa area is very nice.

Cape Panwa Hotel - Online Booking
Cape Panwa Hotel Reviews

7. Serenity Resort and Residences (Chalong Bay)

Serenity Resort and Residences

Chalong Bay is not a swimming beach, but great views and actually a good central location for getting around Phuket. Serenity has simpler rooms up to huge 2 - 3 bedroom suites, with seaviews, kitchens and some with private pools. You're not far to drive from here to Kata or Rawai beach and only 20 minutes to Phuket Town too. The pool suites are expensive / luxurious. The simpler rooms are a good deal and kids under 5 stay at no extra cost, good if you have smaller kids.

Serenity Resort and Residences - Online Booking
Serenity Resort and Residences Reviews

8. Banyan Tree (Bang Tao Beach)

Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree - definitely luxury. You're looking at 1000 US$ per night, but go on, you're worth it! I'm amazed that this place makes the list, must be a few rich TripAdvisor readers! The 2 bedroom pool villas look amazing. I'm going to stay here if we win the lottery! Just for a night....

Banyan Tree - Online Booking
Banyan Tree Reviews

9. Twinpalms (Surin Beach)


Twinpalms has now been open 8 years and is one of the best places around the Surin area, which despite rampant hillside development manages (on the beachfront) to retain a laid back feel with small restaurants and bars. Twinpalms has less than 100 rooms, some of which are huge duplexes and penthouse suites. It's those 2 bedroom suites that are great for families. Twinpalms also has its own semi-private beach club right by the sand.

Twinpalms - Online Booking
Twinpalms Reviews

10. Holiday Inn Resort (Patong Beach)

Holiday Inn Resort

Holiday Inn has been around for ages, and is the only Patong beach hotel to make this list. The resort has lots of kids activities and family rooms and the south end of Patong is quite family friendly away from most of the bars and noise. Holiday Inn also recently opened at Mai Khao beach with the resort also specifically catering to kids. Holiday Inn has not only family suites but these things called Kids Suites - kids will love it!

Holiday Inn Resort - Online Booking
Holiday Inn Resort Reviews

Hope this list of family hotels is useful! For Phuket hotel bookings, I always recommend looking at first and last - it's what I use. Any questions about hotels or Phuket, please do ask on my Jamie's Phuket Facebook Page.

Things to do with kids in Phuket
Top 10 Hotels in Phuket 2016
My Phuket Hotel Suggestions
Phuket Hotels - Book Online @

LA with Alex and Sue and Mickey and Minnie

The next stop on our trip was Disney oh I mean visit with Alex and Sue in LA and cousin Kop and girlfriend too, we had a great time and Sister Sue had got us reservations at a hotel near them , sooo we could have our privacy and rest and relax at night , with pool and stuff , and we needed it because we were on the go , everyday , a couple of days I let Ciejay go and I stayed behind at the motel ...
to catch up on my naps lol. One day we went south to the Casino where Keno (Sue's ex) works( my friend) and he treated us to a wonderful buffett dinner at the casino and we did a little gambling too , was fun , "broke even" as we all say . The next day we spent at Disney was a fun (all day) day and we rode everything we could , had a great lunch there and stayed till the fireworks , missed the light parade , but the fireworks were great, was fun but things have gotten very expensive at the park. Friday we meet James , Sue's boyfriend and went to Universal Studio and ate at Tony Roma's ,good ribs and I ate a whole rack yum yum , , we cruised Hollywood Blvd. and drove around to see the sights , I loved the visit but LA is a bit to much for me , to much traffic , one night at 10 pm traffic was backed up for miles . but Sue drives it like a Pro. Ciejay loved being there with Sue and Alex and it was a fun time for me as well. Kop's girlfriend cooked dinner one night (Thai Style) and it was to kill for , we took leftovers to our motel for a snack later .Hope ypu enjoy the pictures.

From La it was off to Yexas to see Sister Faye and Bobby --- next up.


heute möchte ich euch die Geburtstagskarte von der lieben Silke zeigen

Liebe Silke, vielen Dank für die tolle Karte und die schöne Umsetzung mit diesem bezauberndem Stempelset.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Anleitungsvideo Geschenkanhänger für Weihnachten ganz leicht selbst gemacht

Ich betrete neues Terrain. Immer mal wieder werde ich nach Anleitungen gefragt. Auf der Convention wurde uns eine Idee gezeigt, die mich absolut begeistert hat.

Geschenkanhänger, einfach, schnell, ohne großen Materialaufwand. Das musste ich einfach nachwerkeln. Und da kam mir der Gedanke: "Warum die tolle Idee nicht mit euch teilen?" Also hat mein Sohn Kameramann gespielt und aufgenommen.

Keine Angst vor der Länge des Filmes. Irgendwie ist er zwei Mal hinter einander. Also doch eher kurz.
Wenn ihr die Anhänger nachwerkeln wollt, zappt bis zum Ende des Filmes. Dort ist eine Liste mit allen wichtigen Materialien aufgeführt, die ihr dafür braucht.

Viel Spaß beim Schauen und basteln
Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Anleitungsvideo Blüten basteln mit der Wellenkreisstanze Teil 1

Am Wochenende habe ich für euch ein weiteres Anleitungsvideo erstellt. Geht es euch auch so?

Ich liebe Stanzen. Wenn es irgend geht, möchte ich alle haben. Dann habe ich sie und es tut mir leid bzw. ich finde es schade, dass man sie nur für begrenzte Objekte verwenden kann.

So die Wellenkreisstanze. Als dekoratives Element - ja, als Etikett - ja, als Hintergrund für ein Etikett - ja. Und dann? Man kann aus dem gestanzten Wellenkreis viel mehr gestalten. So verwende ich diese Stanze, um die unterschiedlichsten Blumen zu gestalten. Ich möchte euch so nach und nach ein paar verschiedene davon zeigen.

Ich hoffe, ich konnte euch eine Anregung geben. Und wenn ihr andere Anwendungsbeispiele für die Wellenkreisstanze habt, erzählt doch davon.

Nun wünsche ich euch einen tollen Start in eine gute Woche

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Ja, ist denn schon Weihnachten? ein Adventskalender für MICH

Vor einigen Wochen schrieb mich die liebe Marion von unserer Kartentauschpostrunde an, ob ich ihr nicht ein Journal Jar werkeln könnte. Klar kann ich.

Doch dann kam der schwierigere Part. Immer wieder fragte sie mich, was ich dafür im Tausch gern hätte. Ich wusste es nicht so recht. Als sie ihr Journal Jar erhalten hatte, konnte ich nicht weiter Zeit schinden oder kneifen. Doch so recht wusste ich es immer noch nicht.

Klar würde ich mich auch über ein Journal Jar freuen, aber ich wusste, mir fehlt die Zeit um es regelmäßig in absehbaren Zeitabständen zu führen. Also würde es mehr rumliegen als genutzt werden. Und dazu ist die Arbeit, eins zu erstellen viel zu schade.

Doch was dann???? Irgend wann hatte ich dann die Idee ein Adventskalender für mich. Doch der macht so viel Arbeit, ob das nicht zu viel gewünscht ist. Doch nein, Marion fand die Idee gut und sie war sofort angenommen.

Als ich nun am Samstag von der Abholtour meiner Tochter (sie war auswärts zu einer DVD-Nacht eingeladen) zurück kam, stand dieses Päckchen auf meinem Küchentisch.

Erst dachte ich: "komisch, Du hast doch garnichts bestellt?" Als ich dann den Absender sah, wusste ich was drin ist.

Der Adventskalender für mich. Ist der nicht super. Auch wenn Marion noch mal beteuert hat, ich brauch kein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben, hab ich es doch.

Mit so einem großen, prall gefüllten Adventskalender habe ich nie gerechnet. Wahnsinn...!

Und bis zum 01.12. ist es noch soooo lange hin. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt und neugierig und freu  mich wie ein kleines Kind.

Liebe Marion

noch mal vielen, herzlichen Dank. Ich freu mich wie bolle und kann den 01.12. kaum erwarten.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

A Trip To Hawaii...

After nearly a week here in on the North Shore of Hawaii, things have settled into a more comfortable routine.  I am staying at a friend’s beach house while I am here and find myself commuting nearly 100 miles everyday in total.  There are four different routes that will get me from here to there and I have done them all and at all times of day.  Last night’s drive was perhaps the easiest as I return home well after the traffic had died down.  Yes, Hawaii has traffic.

The Thai community celebrated Loy Krathong yesterday at Kapiolani Park which provided an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends.  So after my daily visit with my father I headed to the park.  Afterwards we walked along the rocky shoreline, beneath Diamond Head Lookout, before going out to dinner.  It was by far the best day of my trip to date.

Most people can’t seem to understand how stressful I find these parental visits.  You won’t find my experience highlighted in Hallmark greeting cards or in Hollywood movies.  It is a depressing reminder of my own mortality and the pain I may unknowingly inflict upon my loving wife, in my twilight years.  It leaves me dreading the longevity I seem to have inherited from my lived parents.  My mother had the same feelings, yet here she is adrift in the fog of her dementia.  She was adamant in her views on this disease and how it affects family members.  This is the last thing she wanted to do to her family.

Tomorrow is her ninetieth birthday and though she is beyond understanding that fact, we will make a ceremonial attempt to honor her longevity and perhaps take a few picture to record the occasion for posterity. 

On a lighter note here is a selection of photos taken on this trip.