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Die Karten, die ich euch heute zeigen möchte sind von Annett.

Liebe Annett, vielen lieben Dank nochmal dafür.

Für den Moment
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Best Value Hotels in Phuket

Following on from the Top 10 Family Hotels in Phuket post, and the Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Phuket, I thought a post about bargain hotels / good value hotels would be useful. Many of the hotels that appear in the other top 10 lists are 4 - 5 star and of course (myself included) we don't all have 4 - 5 star wallets! So I clicked onto the TripAdvisor ratings for "value hotels" and found a very interesting list of different hotels, mostly small hotels or guesthouses. Phuket does not have to be expensive!

Top 10 Best Value Phuket Hotels

1. Chinotel (Phuket Town)


Chinotel opened just a couple of years ago, a modern hotel right next to the main market in Phuket Town. That should tell you something - might not be the quietest place, but ideal for exploring Phuket Town, a few minutes walk to the old town, and right by the local buses to the beaches. It's one of the hotels in Phuket Town that I recommend on this blog already. I am amazed to see a Phuket Town hotel on top of the list!

Chinotel Booking @
Chinotel Reviews

2. Le Jardin Bungalows (Patong)

Le Jardin

I have driven past Le Jardin hundreds of times, it's on the back road (Nanai Road) in Patong, quite a hike to the beach and far away from the noisy areas. Looks like a little French oasis. It's been there as long as I can remember. If you walk along Nanai Road, plenty of nearby places to eat. The area is a lot more developed than 10 years ago but still retains a bit of "old Patong" life, not just tourism. Amazingly seems to do well without being sold by any major online booking sites. Well done!

Le Jardin Website
Le Jardin Reviews

3. Summer Breeze Inn (Phuket Town)

Summer Breeze Inn

Summer Breeze Inn is more of a homestay than a hotel, being run by Manit and his family. Reviews keep saying how friendly he is! Located outside Phuket Town in a residential area, well away from tourist zones (so don't moan about being miles from anywhere!). Just the kind of place I'd like to run myself sometime :) The out of the way location is fine, as the owner will arrange transfers and tours.

Summer Breeze Inn Booking
Summer Breeze Inns Reviews

4. Atlas Hotel, Cafe and Bar (Patong)

Atlas Hotel

The Atlas looks like a good bet if you want to be in the middle of Patong, close to the nightlife and shopping, with simple, clean rooms, nothing fancy, with a small restaurant and tour booking office. In other words - value for money, but not the kind of place you want if you're looking for beachfront luxury :) (thus, this list!)

UPDATE - since I wrote this, the Atlas hotel has been taken over by new owners and renamed.

5. Baipho Boutique Residence (Patong)

Baipho Boutique Residence

Close to the center of Patong, Baipho seems to be very popular, with personal service and a Swiss owner. I'm not sure what 'boutique' means these days. Nicely decorated? Not just another hotel? Looks decent enough for a cheaper stay near the middle of Patong.

Baipho Boutique Residence Website
Baipho Boutique Residence Reviews

6. Valero Guesthouse (Patong)

Valero Guesthouse

I'd never even heard of this one! Mind you, I hardly ever go to Patong. Valero Guesthouse is on Nanai Road in Patong like Le Jardin (No.2). Sounds from the reviews like a simple place with a friendly owner. Remember that Nanai Road is quite a way from the beach, renting a scooter is a good idea if you stay in this area.

Valero Guesthouse Booking at
Valero Guesthouse Reviews

7. Baan Suwantawe (Phuket Town)

Baan Suwantawe

Another good value hotel in Phuket Town, Suwantawe is just out of the old town center, close to the Indy Market. Rooms are more like apartments, quite large and there's a pool too. Staying in Phuket Town gets you closer to the real Phuket and you can easily get local buses from town all over the island. Recommended!

Baan Suwantawe Booking @
Baan Suwantawe Reviews

8. Green Island Guesthouse (Karon Beach)

Green Island Guesthouse

I know a lot of the guesthouses in Karon, since I work in that area. Green Island is located on the street going to the big Centara Karon resort, which is quite a busy area by Karon standards, plenty of restaurants and tour agents etc... Karon actually has quite a few lower budget guesthouses, looks like Green Island is popular, or at least popular with TripAdvisor users. Can be a kind of a self perpetuating popularity sometimes with TripAdvisor so long as decent reviews keep coming in!

Green Island Guesthouse Website
Green Island Guesthouse at
Green Island Guesthouse Reviews

9. Asialoop Guesthouse (Patong)


Asia Loop (or Asialoop) Guesthouse (or G-House as they call it on TripAdvisor) is on the edge of Patong, one of many small hotels that have been fitted into a large area of new shophouses on the road that heads towards Karon. Maybe not ideal location, but hey, the reviews sound positive especially with regard the friendly staff.

Asialoop Guesthouse Booking @
Asialoop Guesthouse Reviews

10. Nirvana Inn (Patong)

Nirvana Inn

More Patong! I guess this maybe reflects on TripAdvisor users. Yeh, Patong has a lot going on, but it's surely not the place for a relaxing holiday! There's an oversupply of rooms in Patong, so I suppose lots of good reviews must be a good sign. Nirvana is out of Patong, past the Asialoop in another shophouse development past the well known Simon Cabaret show. I'd rent a scooter if I was staying here.

Nirvana Inn Booking @
Nirvana Inn Reviews

For Phuket hotel information and booking, I recommend looking at first and last - it's what I use. Any questions about hotels or Phuket, please do leave a comment on this page or the Phuket Facebook Page or Twitter.

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Vielen Dank zuerst für eure lieben Kommentare und Reaktionen auf meinen Post von gestern. Ich habe mich über jede einzelne Zeile sehr gefreut.

Als ich mal so durch meine Post der letzten Wochen stöberte, fiel mir auf, dass ich euch ja noch garnicht die Tauschpost des letzten Monats gezeigt habe. Das hole ich nun so Stück für Stück nach.

Heute möchte ich euch die Post von Anita zeigen.

Und diese hübsche, süße Weihnachtspost von Anita kam dieser Tage bei mir an.

Liebe Anita, vielen herzlichen Dank dafür.

Für den Moment
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Auf und ab des Lebens???

Oh Mann, am Donnerstagabend ist mir was unheimlich Tolles passiert. Ich habe in einer kostenlosen Tombola den absoluten Wahnsinn im Wert von ein paar Tausend Euro gewonnen. Könnt ihr euch das vorstellen? Ich, die eher nicht so der Glückspilz ist. Ich war erstmal nur sprachlos und total erfreut.

Freitagmittag, dann gleich die Retourkutsche des Lebens. Ich erhielt gleich zwei Nachrichten, die mir in fast jeder Hinsicht den Boden unter den Füßen weggezogen haben.

Muss das immer so sein? Vorallem so gewaltig auf und ab. Das geht ganz schön an die Substanz.

Am Samstag haben wir dann hier Stephans Geburtstag gefeiert. Es war echt schön.

Am Sonntag konnten wir dann einer der Katastrophen vom Freitag klären und soweit aus dem Weg räumen. Ich bin so dankbar, das kann sich kaum einer vorstellen. Und die zweite Katastrophe? Damit werde ich halt leben müssen. Kopf hoch und weiter.

Sorry, morgen wieder Bilder und Kreatives.

euch einen schönen Start in die neue Woche. Vielleicht ist es ja die letzte Arbeitswoche für euch vorm Urlaub....

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

A Different Kind of Ride ...

Clearly dirt is my preferred surface and I enjoy beginning and ending my ride in the comfortable surrounds of my home.  Yet I thought it time for a different kind of ride, a oneway trip you might call it.  So, I pumped up the Trek tires a bit more than I would in the mountains, to 55 psi, locked out the front suspension, loaded the bike into the Fortuner and hitched a ride to town with my wife as she was going that way, anyway.

Just before reaching town there is a conveniently located ESSO service station where I unloaded the bike and prepared for the 52 kilometer ride home, while my wife continued on the Chiang Rai University, CRU.  Perhaps next time she can drop me off near the annual Chiang Rai Flower Festival, which I believe opens next weekend and is always worth seeing.

I estimated it might be possible to maintain an average pace in the mid-twenties and sure enough the final tally was 24.7 kph.  The ride home took much longer than I expected, however.  A little over halfway home there is a conveniently located roadside shop attended to by the family of a Swedish guy I know.  Not long after filling my water bottle at the shop, a Thai rider showed up coming from the opposite direction.  I was sure I had seen him in town before and remarked upon his distinctive blue wheel hubs and inquired about his riding partners I had noticed on that previous sighting.

“Oh, they will be along shortly,” he said as he put one foot on the road and leaned out looking in the direction he expected them to come from.  He must be quite a bit faster than his friends for they did not make their appearance for another ten minutes or so. 

With well maintained, high-end gear, and weathered appearance it was clear they were regular riders.  I was a little surprised to find the three of them were in their mid to late sixties and ride pretty much everyday, sometimes taking multi-day trips, and having gone as far as 200 km in one day.  On this day they had started near CRU, had ridden to Thoeng and were on their way back home.  That is much further than I am capable of doing, yet, but maybe one day.

The first to arrive remarked he was retired, so what better use of his time than to ride his bike with friends and stay healthy at the same time.  I have to say, I liked his upbeat attitude.  The Swedish gentleman and his wife joined in the conversation and the six of us enjoyed swapping stories, laughing and smiling for much longer than we perhaps should have. 

After the three Thai bikers left we had one other bit of excitement as I pointed out a rather large snake slithering across the road and into a neighbors yard.  The shop owner proceeded to tell tales of snakes they have encountered in their shop as well as various sized scorpions in their bed.  Thankfully scorpions are one creature we don’t seem to have around our house and our snakes remain outdoors, perhaps kept at bay by the dogs.

It was not easy pulling myself away but I needed to get home before my wife, to feed and walk the dogs.  Having stopped for so long I did not feel I had time to indulge in my fried banana fix, and headed directly home with no more stops.  My legs are a little sore today but riding on the road was considerably easier and more predictable than climbing rocky dirt trails so I am sure I can cover even greater distances in the future.  Besides those three older guys were a real inspiration.

Swedish Christmas Julbord at Ikea Store Restaurants

I have been sharing some wonderful meals that we have had at the Ikea Store Restaurants all you care to eat smorgasbord dinners that they hold four times a year. We recently enjoyed the Christmas smorgasbord - called the Swedish Christmas Julbord.

All of these dinners are held for two seatings on just one night. The first seating is at 4 pm and ends at 6. The second seating starts at 7 and ends

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Mein lieber Stephan,

zum Deinem Geburtstag von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute. Schön, dass es Dich gibt.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

eine einfache, schlichte Weihnachtskarte

Heute möchte ich euch gerne eine einfache, schlichte Weihnachtskarte zeigen, die ideal für größere Herstellungsmengen geeignet ist.

Nun wünsche ich euch ein schönes, ruhiges 3.Adventswochenende.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Neue Leserin und ein interessanter Blog

Heute möchte ich Minifasziniert gern als neue Leserin bei mir auf dem Blog begrüßen.

Herzlich Willkommen und viel Spaß beim Stöbern, lesen und schauen. Schön, dass Du meinen Blog gefunden hast.

Wenn ich sehe, dass ich eine neue Leserin habe, schaue ich (ja, so ein bisschen neugierig bin ich schon, das geb ich ja zu) wer sich da angemeldet hat und stöbere gern in den Listen, wer noch so auf den Bloglisten, der neuen Leserinnen steht.
Bei Minifasziniert ist mir der Blog Weniger ist mehr aufgefallen. Ich habe gleich mal reingeschaut und mir gefiel, was ich da las.

Schaut doch mal vorbei. Wie gefällt euch dieser Blog? Prinzipiell wissen wir sicher alle, was zu tun ist und wie. Aber manchmal ist es jedenfalls für mich nicht schlecht, auch mal daran erinnert zu werden. Daher werde ich auf diesem Blog nun regelmäßig vorbei schauen.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Anleitungsvideo Mini Milchkarton mit der Bigshot

Nun hat das Hochladen des Videos doch noch geklappt. Vielen Dank an meinen Kameramann und Produzenten.

In einigen Gesprächen kam immer mal wieder der Minimilchkarton vor. Meinen Gesprächspartnerinnen ging es wie mir , als ich die Stanze freudig ausprobierte und hinter her versuchte die Verpackung zusammen zu bekommen. Frustrierend war das. Bis ich mit meiner Demo sprach und wir am Telefon zusammen einen Minimilchkarton gewerkelt hatten.
Es war so einfach, wenn man wusste wie.

Daher habe ich mir gedacht, ich zeige euch einfach mal im Video wie diese wunderschöne Verpackung super easy zu machen ist.

Vielen Dank fürs Schauen und viel Spaß beim Nachbasteln.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Nikolaus für die Nachbarn

Wie schon seit vielen Jahren, habe ich meinen Nachbarn zum Nikolaus eine Kleinigkeit vor die Tür gelegt.

Eine kleine Verpackung, gewerkelt aus zwei ausgestanzten Etiketten und verbunden mit einem kleinen Stück farblich passendem Cardstock. Darin finden genau ein Küsschen Platz.

Noch ein wenig verziert und schon war der Nikolaus für Nachbarn fertig.

Am Wochenende habe ich für euch ein neues Anleitungsvideo fertig gemacht. Leider funktioniert das mit dem Hochladen dieses Mal nicht so wie ich möchte. Da kann ich nur um etwas Geduld bitten. Aber das kommt noch.

Meinen Bastelflohmarkt habe ich aufgefüllt und werde demnächst noch weitere Sachen einstellen. Schaut doch mal wieder vorbei.

Für den Moment
liebe Grüße

Tennessee .home of Davy Crockett and Jim and Gerry

After a great visit with Sister Faye and Bobby in Texas it was time to head out to Tenn.. to see Bro.. Jim. and Gerry .. They have a lovely place out in the country on a road called Lick Creek  and they have to cross the creek to get to their little 68 acer farm-ranch-home-goat farm and a little piece of paradise in Linden ,Tenn.  Sister Faye has a tiny house trailer on a hill  and Jim and Gerry had it all fixed and stocked with food and juice and coke zero.. We stayed for 5 days before heading off to South Carolina for a mini family reunion,more about that later.. Sister Faye let us drive her little blue vw bug ,. what a fun car to drive and it got great gas mileage. We had a great time with Jim and Gerry and we ate till I gained 5 lbs....but oh was it all good. Gerry was still in a wheelchair as a result of falling and. breaking her ankle. a couple of months ago ,. Bro Jim. was a champ. and has really took over doing a lot of stuff he was not use to doing, he was great and did it all with a sweet spirit.I try to be as sweet as him. But there's no one like him.  Took a few pictures hope you enjoy