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What is Going On at Old Country Buffet?

I have to wonder what has been going on at Old Country Buffet. We have been going fairly regularly to a local Old Country Buffet, one I recommended as improving not very long ago in Levittown, New York. Things there have been going down hill - again. The management has not changed. What is being served has changed. How the food is being maintained and put out on the buffet has changed drastically. I rarely get ill after eating at any of the many buffets that we have been to over the year. In the span of several weeks after a meal here, that is exactly what happened - and too soon after the meal for it to have been anything else. This I blame on how the food is being maintained once out on the buffet - and goes from soup to soft serve ice cream.

Phuket Webcam at Patong Beach

The Phuket Blog has been online since 2006. In the same year I started a Phuket Weather Blog, which was born when I realised that a lot of people search online for weather information. People are obsessed by the weather. Is it raining? What will the weather be like in mid-September? If it rains, does it rain all day or just showers? When is the best weather in Phuket? Well, the weather blog aims to show what the weather was really doing rather than relying on averages, useless forecasts and seasonal generalisations. It still gets updated now and then with weather news, photos and some Phuket info. But the best way to check what the weather is doing right now? A webcam! And below is a live webcam at Patong Beach. If you want more regular Phuket weather updates and more Phuket related stuff, please do follow me on Twitter!

Live Webcam at Patong Beach, Phuket

The original webcam is on the TAT website here. That same website has webcams from all over the country.

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Patong Beach Hotel Information

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SC VivoCity an attractive venue in Sai Gon South

SC VivoCity point to draw the eye to the south of Saigon. With the name "Pearl of the Far East", Saigon possesses extremely beautiful landscapes that many foreign tourists or people from across the country if it is a must visit, must marvel. Not only can, beautiful places in Saigon is a place to gather, have fun of friends, colleagues, family, ... create the charm of thrill, fun capital.

SC VivoCity an attractive venue in Sai Gon South

One of the beautiful and attractive place in Sai Gon

SC VivoCity one of the beautiful places in Saigon attract tourists. Saigon has long had no shortage of beautiful places, but you can play both can enjoy the scene, taking pictures. However, with its dense population of the beautiful places in Saigon will never be enough to meet the needs of city residents. Moreover, the establishment of the scenery alike, quality service has nothing remarkable, all have explained why these sites are gradually saturated.

One of the beautiful and attractive place in Sai Gon

SC VivoCity one of the beautiful place in Sai Gon

These beautiful places in Saigon SC VivoCity. Following the success of SC VivoCity shopping mall in Singapore, is one of 10 leading shopping world in 2011. And last 19/4 days, SC VivoCity shopping mall opened with many programs attractive promotions. Thus, we have received an additional venue, located in beautiful places list in Saigon for your family fun, shopping, entertainment weekend with beautiful places in Saigon.

SC VivoCity is located in the busy area and most populous, the Phu My Hung urban area in District 7. It is one of the beautiful places in Saigon by many young known. This is a collaboration between the two companies under the two investment groups commercial real estate, retail and Vietnam and Singapore leading the Saigon Co-op and Mapletree. With their hands together of these two large corporations, promising to turn SC VivoCity shopping center became one of the beautiful places in Saigon. With a total leasable area is 41.000m2 will converge many famous brands at home and abroad as Isla Moda, Adidas, Shooz, Skinfood, The Body Shop, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Harley Davidson, Black Label, Saigon South, ...

Paradise of kids playground in the middle of Sai Gon

Paradise for children in the heart of Saigon. Be fun delight is a need for all children. Any parents always understood this and wanted to find their children a fun place appropriate but not everyone can find a place to please every member of the family. Too far from the city center, an area of ​​small, poor game, not many dining options, ... are the frequent parenting headache in choosing a children's play area as standard. However, with children's play area SC VivoCity, surely even the most discerning parents will be satisfied with what "heaven" gives his young son.

Relax with your children at kid's playground in district 7

Relaxing with Children at Children's play area in District 7. As a modern parent, I guarantee these are mothers today have a headache with the question of how to find a children's play area has strong cold, attractive Moderate infant safety, economic fit family. Along with the continuous development of society, for many years, besides the very diverse services for adolescents, the elderly, the middle aged, the market demand entertainment service for children and accordingly the rapid transformation. Obviously, in terms of quantity and quality, the children's play area has partially satisfied the needs of the children and their parents, however, still exist many shortcomings.

Children's play area in the school is limited. Not to mention the quality of children's play areas in schools but only refers to ethical issues educator, prominently recently, an increasing number of cases of violence against children were uncovered on the report is wake-up call the whole society, requiring more aggressive measures by the parent is not always enough time to track each li by little children.

Lots of fun with kids playground at SC VivoCity

Boisterous laughter with children's play area at SC VivoCity. Want to go shopping but to fear the boredom when a daughter follow? It's difficult to find a shopping destination that has a children's play area attached. With most of the current mall as Diamond, Vincom ... amusement parks here mostly to cost and the game is often not suitable for children. What to do? With two children's play area is completely unique, SC VivoCity will help you.

Overview SC VivoCity. Being located on the central area of ​​District 7, with an area of ​​no less than other commercial centers in District 1, even greater, is proud SC VivoCity shopping mall in South superlative Saigon. When you come here, you will be free to enjoy the product, the best service, the most modern and not worry baby bored. At SC VivoCity may take 2 children's play area separate, appropriate to each child's age.

Which entertaining venue to take your kids during weekend

Guide children to go to a children's play area where weekend. After a week of studying fatigue, any child would need the minutes of entertainment with their parents. Parents are children today understand that, so they strive to find the game, new modes of entertainment, healthy, help young fun while ensuring comprehensive development. However, not a child's play area and also to meet the needs of the times require parents and children, leading to many families must still puzzling weekend entertainment venues.

Sightseeing with your kids at playground

Picnic together at playground darling children. Weekends are doing? Picnic stop. After a long week of work and study full of fatigue, a picnic, play together, eat would be the effective dose of stress for you and the whole family there. But where to find places to go play outside in the hot sun of Saigon, this dust here? Have you ever wondered feeling go "indoor picnic" How about it? With the integration between children's play area, colorful dining area rich cuisine and lots of other entertainment services SC VivoCity will be the place to go "Picnic" is perfect for your family in the last this week.

From jungle to the sea with your kids in SC VivoCity entertaining venue

Top baby in the forest to the sea and children's play area SC VivoCity. You usually the baby underwent weekend like? Go to an amusement park and children usually sit yawn look baby squirming with boredom toys? You want to find a place where both you and your baby can delight in playing? Getting to the children's play area at SC VivoCity to the baby-turn across the sky colorful and yet very excited. Not only that even your baby will also love these super fun game following at SC VivoCity there.